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Baltimore Passenger Lists - Filling in the Gaps

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This webpage lists the passenger ships that arrived in Baltimore, Maryland from 1820 to 1833 that have microfilmed passenger lists on the first roll of National Archives Microfilm Publication M255 Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Baltimore, Maryland, 1820-1891. This roll covers 2 September 1820-30 March 1837. But as you can see from the chart below, there are many gaps in the 1820-1833 period. Beneath the chart is a list of resources to help fill in these gaps with alternate records. (Sch=Schooner)

Ships to Baltimore 1820-1833 from M255-1
YearDateShip NamePort of DepartureList #
18202 SeptemberSch AlertAquin1
18202 SeptemberSch HarriottCape Henry, Haiti2
18202 SeptemberBrig LeopardSantiago De Cuba3
18204 SeptemberShip HopeLiverpool4
18204 SeptemberSch PatriotMatanzas5
18204 SeptemberShip Liverpool PacketLiverpool6
18208 SeptemberSch AdalineHonduras7
18204 SeptemberSch Virginia RossMargaretta8
182011 SeptemberBrig CanadaMontevideo9
182130 MarchShip BelvideraLiverpool1
183219 AugustPalembangBremen1
18334 SeptemberBrig Rebecca FrancisSan Juan, PR1
18334 SeptemberShip UlyssesLiverpool2
18335 SeptemberShip PrvidenceAmsterdam3
18335 SeptemberSchr ChinaKingson, Jamaica4
18336 SeptemberSchr. James EdwardLe Havre-De-Grace (Le Havre)5
18337 SeptemberShip JasonAmsterdam6
183310 SeptemberShip PhoenixBremen7
183314 SeptemberShip MexicanaSanta Marta8
183317 SeptemberBrig Charles FerdinandBremen9
183317 SeptemberGalliot HendrikaAmsterdam10
183318 SeptemberBrig ErieSt. Thomas11
183319 SeptemberShip AuroraBremen12
183327 SeptemberBrig George and HenrySt. Ubes (Setubal)13
183328 SeptemberBrig AnnMalaga, Spain14
183314 OctoberBrig NeptuneBremen15
183314 OctoberBrig UlyssesBremen16
183316 OctoberShip Bremen PacketBremen17
183317 OctoberShip BrunswickBremen18
183318 OctoberShip DraperBuenos Aires19
183319 OctoberSchr. PanamaNassau, Bahama Islands20
183324 OctoberShip MinervaBremen21
183325 OctoberBrig EmperorSt John, New Brunswick22
18334 NovemberShip LucillaBremen23
18337 NovemberShip VirginiaBremen25
18338 NovemberShip La Ville De RoenLe Havre25
18339 NovemberShip HeraldLiverpool26
183312 NovemberGalliot Ana GesinaAmsterdam27
183314 NovemberBrig LunaBremen28
183328 NovemberBrig GlobeRio de Janeiro29
183311 DecemberBark LeontineBremen30
183318 DecemberBrig BritanniaSt John, New Brunswick31

To find the passengers for some of the ships that landed at Baltimore during the gap periods there are 2 supplementary resources available, the Quarterly Abstracts and the State Department Transcripts. These are discussed at this webpage...

Baltimore Passenger Lists 1820-1891

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Baltimore Passenger Lists 1820-1891

Baltimore Passenger Lists - Filling in the Gaps

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