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Baltimore Ship Passenger Lists - 1839

The Customs (Federal) Baltimore Passenger Lists and separately kept Baltimore City Lists have not survived for the year 1839. You will not find any passenger lists for 1839 on National Archives Microfilm M255-2 (which covers April 7, 1837 to July 31, 1840). There is an alternate resource available for this year, the microfilmed Baltimore Quarterly Abstracts. The names of the passengers from this microfilm for the first & second quarters of 1839 (January-June) are included in this database. Also included are the British & Irish passengers for the third & fourth quarters (July-December). For the rest of the passengers in the third & fourth quarters you will need to consult the microfilm. See... Baltimore Passenger Lists 1820-1891 and scroll down to the Quarterly Abstracts listing.

"List of Passengers entered in the District of Baltimore, by vessels from Foreign Ports, from the first of January ... to the 30th of June 1839" And... Partial "list of Passengers entered in the District of Baltimore, by vessels from Foreign Ports, from the first of July ... to the 31st of December 1839"

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Notes on the Database...
Database entries are in this format...
Name, Age, Gender, Occupation, Country to Which They Belong, Country Which They Intend to Inhabit, Year - Quarter - Page Number

On the microfilm there is only one page of passengers for the first quarter of 1839 (January, February, March). There are 36 pages of passengers for the second quarter (April, May, June). It is assumed that many of the passengers names for the first quarter were not recorded. There are approximately 1500 names in the database.

This database includes passengers who arrived in Baltimore from 1 January to 30 June 1839; plus the British & Irish passengers for the entire year of 1839. Actual arrival dates, ship names and ports of departure are not given on the microfilm. For each passenger you will find: name, age, occupation, country to which they belong and country they intend to inhabit (usually the United States). The names were transcribed from...

Microfilm: Quarterly Abstracts of Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Baltimore, Maryland 1820-1869 (National Archives Microfilm Publication M596) Roll 4. See...
Baltimore Passenger Lists 1820-1891 & scroll down to the Quarterly Abstracts listing

Every effort was made to accurately transcribe these records, but this database may still contain errors -- you should also consult the microfilm.

An alphabetical list of the surnames found in this database can be found here.

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