Passenger Ships to Baltimore in 1836

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This webpage lists the passenger ships that arrived in Baltimore, Maryland in 1836 from National Archives Microfilm Roll M255-1.

You will note that there are many gaps in the listings on this page. Some of the Baltimore passenger lists did not survive. For 1836 there are no lists at all for January-August. And none for December. There are smaller gaps as well. However, there is a supplementary resource available for finding arrivals in this time frame. See the notes on the Quarterly Abstracts near the bottom of this webpage: Baltimore Passenger Lists 1820-1891

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Baltimore Passenger List Indexes 1820-1897

Ships to Baltimore 1836

B = National Archives Microfilm Roll M255-1

DateShipListPort of DepartureSource
19 SeptemberBark Ernest & Gustav1BremenB
19 SeptemberShip Elise2BremenB
19 SeptemberBrig Ulysses3BremenB
20 SeptemberShip Platina4LiverpoolB
26 SeptemberShip Colchis5LiverpoolB
3 OctoberBrig Chickasaw6BostonB
7 OctoberSchooner Catherine7Turks IslandB
14 OctoberShip Superb8LiverpoolB
18 OctoberBark Potomac9HavreB
18 OctoberGalliot Amphitrite10BremenB
18 OctoberSchooner La Bruce11New York *B
19 OctoberShip Gustav12BremenB
20 OctoberBark Mary13AmsterdamB
21 OctoberBrig Emilie & Helena14BremenB
24 OctoberBrig Appollo15BremenB
24 OctoberShip Draper16BremenB
26 OctoberShip Herald17LiverpoolB
27 OctoberShip Theonie18MartiniqueB
31 OctoberShip Meridian19BremenB
21 NovemberShip Alexander21LiverpoolB

*Notes on the Schooner La Bruce: the title page for this ship says the departure port was New York; the passenger list says Kingston, Jamaica. Only one passenger was on this ship: Patrick Dunn (40, M, Lawyer, Ireland)

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Baltimore Indexes 1820-1897

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Baltimore Passenger Lists 1820-1891

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