Brig Britannia Passenger List | St. John to Baltimore 1833


Brig Britannia Passenger List

St. John, New Brunswick to Baltimore, Maryland - 18 Dec 1833

transcribed by Joe Beine

Departed St. John, New Brunswick; Arrived Baltimore 18 Dec 1833; Master: John Licot; 4 total passengers

"List of all the passengers taken on board the Brig Britannia of Kempt US from St. John, New Brunswick."

This is a Baltimore City List transcribed from National Archives Microfilm Roll M255-1 List 31

Name Age, Gender Occupation Country
John Campbell 60, M Farmer Great Britain
Robt. Campbell 20, M Farmer Great Britain
David Reed 30, M Farmer Great Britain
John Reed 25, M Farmer Great Britain

Country to which they intend to become inhabitants: USA (for all 4 passengers)

Transcribed by Joe Beine, March 2003, from National Archives microfilm #M255-1; List #31

Like any transcription of old handwritten records this list may contain errors. You should check the microfilmed copy of the original record.

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