Palatines from Germany to England in 1709

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Lists of Germans from the Palatinate Who Came to England in 1709 - June 1709 Arrivals

These names were extracted from the the New York Genealogical & Biographical Record, Vol. XLI (41), pages 10-19; Published by the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society, New York (January 1910).

This page contains the June 1709 arrivals (part 3 of 3). For the May 1709 arrivals see Palatines to England, May 1709

This material is also available on digitized microfilm from FamilySearch: Lists of Germans from the Palatinate Who Came to England in 1709 compiled by John Tribbeko and George Ruperti (See Item #5 on digitized microfilm roll #973056.)

Abbreviations Used... w=wife; s=single; Luth=Lutheran; Cath=Catholic; Ref=Reformed; Mennon=Mennonite; the numbers in the sons & daughters columns are the ages of the sons or daughters.

Many of the individuals and families listed here went on to America, arriving in 1710. See: Palatine Ships to New York in 1710

As with any transcription of old records there may errors. You should consult the original source.

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Tieffenbach, Conrad50w--11-4-1Ref
Leasch, Burchard28w----Luth
Kirsch, Adam28w62-1/4Cath
Leis, Matthes38w12-1/218-16-11-8-7Cath
Tiel, Jacob24------Luth
Frantzberg, John24------Luth
Ganter, Christian50w420-1Ref
Heiden, Jacob44w1--Ref
Schoemacher, Michel24------Luth
Ziegler, Andreas40w--3-1Ref
Baum, Friederich45w1421-19-15Cath
Buch, Henry49w1724-16-12-3Cath
Klein, William26w----Luth
Margart, Peter50w24--Cath
Kless, John28w--3Cath
Rosing, Matthas23------Cath
Weber, Sebastian30------Ref
Weber, Henry24------Ref
Schummer, John20------Cath
Siffer, Bastian21w----Ref
Metz, Simon33w47-2Cath
Blatz, Andreas32w25Luth
Buchsel, Augustin50w25-22-20-16-12-8-1--Ref
Schmidt, Peter39w1014-5-2Cath
Strosser, Daniel60w12--Ref
Scheyer, John30w3--Ref
Liset, Philip24w----Ref
Luich, Kostman36w22-8--Ref
Wadenspfhul, Jacob32w3-1--Luth
Gerser, Henry36w7-413-10Luth
Thalheimer, Nicol27w--3-1Luth
Schezel, Jacob39w----Luth
Bauer, Christoph21------Luth
Jung, Nicol21------Luth
Closs, Simon26w--1/2Cath
Mauer, George32------Luth
Besler, Francis46w18-16-7--Cath
Moor, David36w----Ref
Beus, Jacob30w6-1--Cath
Carat, John16------Ref
Mey, John36w_8-6-4Cath
Son, Elias21------Luth
Pfhul, Peter48w10-5-112-6Luth
Gruber, Matthes46w14-12-10-41Cath
Julius, Henrich21------Luth
Koerner, John33------Luth
Tiel, Ananias36w5-1--Luth
Hoges, Michel26------Cath
Klein, Adam28------Ref
Deller, Jacob22------Luth
New, Wenceslag20------Cath
Meyer, George19------Luth
Schmidt, Christian18------Ref
Kerber, Nicol50w1/4--Cath
Stein, William23------Cath
Klein, Philip45w9-74Ref
Schmidt, Carl36w10-9-7-41Luth
Hohn, Michel31w410-4Luth
Roll, Jost26w----Cath
Schantz, Peter20------Luth
Michel, John42w----Cath
Linen & Cloth Weavers     
Brill, Michell21------Cath
Waller, John49w----Cath
Forster, George39w--14-10-7-5Luth
Kessler, Nicol24w----Luth
Muller, Anton56w----Ref
Bless, Conrad29w----Ref
Wieser, Jacob52w16--Ref
Boset, Daniel59w14-521-19-13-11-9-1 monthRef
Herman, Sebastian36------Cath
Kolhaus, Lucas40w311-8Cath
Barl, Henrich54w2218-16-14-12Ref
Kuhn, Peter24------Luth
Maus, Michel24------Cath
Maus, Reinhard18------Cath
Bock, Jacob40------Ref
Reichard, Henry15------Cath
Ludwig, Anton28w26Cath
Brozis, Adam33w14Cath
Arlot, Francis22------Cath
Ostwald, John44w14-322-6Luth
Heddesheimer, Henry22------Ref
Walten, John20------Ref
Leilling (Salling?), Francis16------Cath
Erlenbach, George53w616-8Ref
Wremmar, John18------Cath
Merzel, Jacob30w----Luth
Hag, Caspar20------Luth
Forster, Nicol22------Ref
Schmidt, John Peter19------Luth
Schmidt, Peter19------Luth
Klein (Lang), Moritz30w8-610-4-1Cath
Regel, Matthes40w2--Cath
Kummer, John40--9-18-6Ref
Rasor, Frederick29------Luth
Decker, John29w_--Cath
Ferry, John C23w----Cath
Pfalzer, Henry36w5-210Cath
Horsbach, Dietrich36w61Cath
Nusbaum, John46w13-9-6-217-13Mennon
Hen, Henrich40w13-11-9-62Luth
Albiger, William34w----Luth
Eckman, John36w--4--
Munster, Peter30w9-48-6Luth
Adams, Jacob24w----Luth
Reid, Nicol34w1310Luth
Gibstein, Martin33------Cath
Maus, Dietrich30w9-6_Cath
Klepper, Conrad33w9-25Cath
Horning, Gerhard40w--6-2Ref
Hag, Henry26w31Luth
Stocking Weavers     
Matthes, Mareus88----24Ref
Matthas, George32w3--Ref
Michel, Henry38w8-510-1Luth
Schmidt, John23w3--Cath
Brandau, William30w3--Ref
Schwab, Conrad20------Luth
Kuhlbrunner, Caspar23------Ref
Brenner (Bronner), Balzar20------Luth
Ganglof, John28w--4 monthsLuth
Shoemaker, John37------Ref
Meyer, Barthol50w--14-3-6-5Luth
Buerger, John55w1220Cath
Lucerni, Abraham27------Ref
Roth, Andreas24------Luth
Reuter, Henry34w--4-2Cath
Gerlach, Conrad49w7-516-11Ref
Wegrauch, Valentin38w7-211-9Luth
Andoit, Samuel44w2013-13Ref
la Dour, John18------Cath
Rose, Christoph35------Luth
Meiss, Barthol26------Luth
Nutzberger, Matthes56w318-12-7Luth
Weisgerber, John45w----Cath
Zerbst, Philip25------Luth
Schoenwolf, John23------Ref
Wirs, Frederick39w--8-6-2Luth
Meyer, Henry43w46Ref
Pitty, Jacob50----18-10Ref
Meyer, Henry31w7-4-2--Cath
Gudi, Philip40w--3-1Cath
Berchtold, Jacob44w18-15-124Ref
Mueller, Peter45w15-14-719-3Ref
Jager, Carl36w74Ref
Schnick, Michel22------Luth
Cobel, Jacob27w1/2--Cath
Shaeflin, Henry49w15--Cath
Walraf, William23------Cath
Dunckel, Andreas38w38-1Cath
Dunckel, John26------Cath
Martin, Peter33w17Cath
Tieffenbach, Anna74------Ref
Breien, Barba40--1812-4Ref
Sheffen, Elbot40--105Luth
Schmidin, Gertrud30----3Cath
Osevald, Adelia28--8--Cath
Daubin, Barba60------Luth
Kochin, Elizabeth55------Luth
Seibelin, Christina56------Ref
Weisrockin, Chatherine47----18Ref
Baum, Sarah70------Ref
Crausin, Catherine52----24-16Ref
Blasig, Maria46--26--Cath
Segbin, Apollonia50--24-18-9--Cath
Ganglof, Magdalena60------Luth
Creuzin, Elizabeth48--16-1319-17-11-8Luth
Hibig, Anne50--29-24-2226Ref
Vogt, Elizabeth48------Cath
Lisin, Eva45--1210Ref
Hilles, Catherine28----2Ref
Clossmannin, Margaretha40----19Cath
Albin, Engel63------Luth
Reichman, Anne43--96-3Cath
Unmarried Women     
Khidy, Catherine30------Ref
Wilhelm, Jane28------Ref
Krutsch, Margaretha24------Cath
Hausen, Eva24------Cath
Bork, Elizabeth20------Cath
Hofman, Sophia18------Luth
La Force, Barbara20------Cath
La Force, Anne18------Cath
Bauman, Mary30------Luth
Singerin, Anne20------Luth
Schinkin, Christina24------Luth
Schaeds, Anne20------Ref
Mussel, Barba24------Luth
Dumbacher, Catherine20------Ref
Schreibin, Margaretha24------Cath
Heins, Eva24------Luth
Barbe, Anne22------Ref
Leich, Catherine30------Luth
Schellin, Magdalene22------Ref
Krinin, Mary24------Luth
Meyerin, Delia21------Cath
Jakoettin, Mary24------Ref
Jackoettin, Anne20------Ref
Mosenheim, Mary23------Luth
Meyerin, Margretha23------Ref
Wagnerin, Catherine20------Cath
Haasin, Engel22------Cath
Wiedmacher, Catherine24------Ref

Closing Notes

(Endorsed) Miscellanies List of Poor Palatines arrived from Germany the 11th June, 1709. Received from Mr. Rupurti, June 21, 1709. D. 69.

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