Palatines from Germany to England in 1709

Arrived May 1709

Lists of Germans from the Palatinate Who Came to England in 1709 - May 1709 Arrivals

These names were extracted from the New York Genealogical & Biographical Record, Vol. XL (40), pages 49-54; Published by the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society, New York (January 1909).

This page contains May 1709 arrivals. For the June 1709 arrivals see: Palatines to England June 1709

This material is also available on digitized microfilm from FamilySearch: Lists of Germans from the Palatinate Who Came to England in 1709 compiled by John Tribbeko and George Ruperti (See Item #5 on digitized microfilm roll #973056.)

In the notes field w=wife; s=son(s); d=daughter(s); the number in front of "s" or "d" indicates the number of sons or daughters

Many of the individuals and families listed here went on to America, arriving in 1710. See: Palatine Ships to New York in 1710

As with any transcription of old records there may errors. You should consult the original source to clarify details and for further information about the persons listed here.

"A list of all the poor Germans lately come over from the Palatinate into this kingdom taken in St. Catherine's the sixth May, 1709." First Arrivals...

Turch, Caspar25Student of Divinity, single
Machtig, Jacob40Schoolmaster, w, 2s, 2d

Husbandman & Vinedressers
Meningen, John40w, 2s
Faubell, John30w, 1d
Leibengut, John Wendell53no wife, 1s (age 28)
Ends, Matthew50w, 1s (age 20)
Engelsbruecher, Nicol57w, 1d
Hirtzbach, Anton36w, 3s, 1d
Rohrbach, Christian34w, 1d
Hubmacher, Niclas33w, 1s, 2d
Bollon, Cristoff26w, 1s, 2d
Meyer, Henry41w, 2d
Hobler, Abraham32he is also a tailor, w, 1s, 1d
Dixion, David40Englishman, w, 1s
Kaff, Bazar38w, 3s
Lauber, Jacob37w, 3d
Garrinot, Peter37w, 3s, 2d
Haun, Andrew50w, 5s, 2d
Klieih, Michael28w, 2d
Presler, Valentine *40w, 3s, 2d
Mey, David24w
Wagner, John43w, 2s, 3d
Hornigh, John George38w, 2s, 2d
Albrecht, James26w
Erkel, Bernhard33w
Hirzeach, Martin56w, 2s, 2d
Bahr, John383s
Shwartz, Matthias33w, 2s, 1d
Durk, John Adam36w, 1s, 2d
Shonweiss, John48w, 1s, 2d
Ebert, Hartman30w
Herman, Valentine34w, 1s
Helffert, Peter49w
Gnaedi, Benedict60w, 1s (age 24), 1d (age 25)
Gerhard, John George41w, 2s, 4d
Kueffer, John36w, 2d
Smith, John47w, 4s, 6d
Frey, Conrad61w, 2s, 2d
Shwa, Peter33also a cooper, w, 1s, 1d
Seibert, Conrad31w, 1s, 2d
Wenig, Peter26w, 1d
am Thor, Conrad30w, 1d
Daun, George35w, 1d
Reuling, Jacob28w, 1d
Schneider, John Michael24w, 1s, 1d
Vogt, Abraham50w, 1s, 4d
Schneider, Philip36w, 2s, 1d
Geisell, George42w, 2s
Klein, Peter42w, 1s, 1d
Smith, Jacob51w, 2s, 1d
Trombauer, Niclas33w, 1s, 2d
Werner, Christoff33w, 2s, 1d
Huebner, Anton30w, 2s, 1d
Heidman, Peter30w, 3d
Thevoux, Daniel44w, 1s, 1d
Nagel, John40w, 1d
Rath (Bath), John29w, 1s, 1d
Schmitzer, John Martin26w, 1s
Berg, Frederick32w, 1s, 1d
Bolker, Charles25w
Herman, Peter28w, 2s, 1d
Glaents, John46w, 1s (age 18)
Klein, John Jacob25w, 1s
Messer, Sylvester45w, 2s, 2d
Schaeffer, Joseph38w, 1s, 2d
Meyer, Hartman38w, 1s, 2d
Zeber, John46w, 2s, 2d
Daninger, Jacob35w, 2s, 2d
Seibert, Martin35w, 1s, 1d
Bekell, Philip52w, 1s, 5d (incl. twins age 6)
Haas, John52w, 2s, 2d
Klein, John55w, 2s
Wayner, Henry40w, 2s, 1d
Weitzell, John29w, 2s
Schwengel, John40w, 1s, 3d
Klug, George37w, 1s
Zeisler, Lorentz40w, 2s, 1d
Klaemer, Ludwig37w, 1s, 2d
Spuehler, Jacob30w, 1s
am Rheine, John30w
Closterbeker, John31w, 1s, 2d
Emichen, Ernst55w, 4s
Shwartze, John32w, 1s, 1d
Hahrlaender, Conrad30w, 2s
Kaldauer, Valentine34w, 2s
Kuhner, Jacob36w, 3s, 2d
Blesinger, Daniel27w, 2d
Lang, Philip35w, 1s, 1d
Sheuer, John Adam35w, 2s, 1d
Obender, Samuel33w, 2d
Hoffart, John Adam27w
Weinrich, Balzar40w, 3s, 1d
Fuhrman, Jacob34no wife, 2d
Hesse, John40w, 2d
Schletzer, Jeremy53w, 2s, 3d
Drechsler, John Peter28w, 1s
Herman, Daniel28w, 1s, 1d
am Ende, John Philip35w, 1s, 1d
Vogt, John25w, 1s
Berstler, Adam30w, 2s, 1d
Kolb, Henry30w, 3d
Clemens, Gerhard28w, 2s, also a linen cloth weaver
Volweider, Jacob27w, 1d
Baumann, Michael37w, 1d
Herman, Jacob26single
Schaeffer, John Conrad23single
Mueller, Valentine23single
Hassmer, John25single
Bretschi, Lorentz26single
Hermann, Niclas52single
Rausch, George24single
Rudolff, John24single
Kolb, Arnold22single
Hocky, Peter26single
Hocky, Andrew22single

* supposed ancestor of Elvis Presley and also of former president Jimmy Carter

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