Palatines from Germany to England in 1709

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Lists of Germans from the Palatinate Who Came to England in 1709 - June 1709 Arrivals

These names were extracted from the the New York Genealogical & Biographical Record, Vol. XLI (41), pages 10-19; Published by the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society, New York (January 1910).

This page contains the June 1709 arrivals (part 1 of 3). For the May 1709 arrivals see Palatines to England, May 1709

This material is also available on digitized microfilm from FamilySearch: Lists of Germans from the Palatinate Who Came to England in 1709 compiled by John Tribbeko and George Ruperti (See Item #5 on digitized microfilm roll #973056.)

Abbreviations Used... w=wife; s=single; Luth=Lutheran; Cath=Catholic; Ref=Reformed; Bapt=Baptist; Mennon=Mennonite; the numbers in the sons and daughters columns are the ages of the sons or daughters.

Many of the individuals and families listed here went on to America, arriving in 1710. See: Palatine Ships to New York in 1710

As with any transcription of old records there may errors. You should consult the original source.

"List of poor Palatines who arrived at St. Catherin's, June 11th, 1709, taken at St. Catherine's and Debtford, June 15."

Husbandmen & Vinedressers

Schnorr, Nicol50w1222-17Luth
Baehr, Nicol52w18_Ref
Keller, Jacob58w4_Ref
Liris (Siris), Martin40w1/412-11-10-4Luth
Mueller, Jacob50w614Ref
Hank, Bleigart46w74Ref
Ledig, Nicol25w2 weeks1 1/2Ref
Biederman, John48w__Ref
Zolker, Balzar70s__Ref
Helfrich, Henrich50w19-16_Ref
Lechner, Michel40w14-3_Cath
Wingart, John46w18-13-11-8-6_Bapt
Wiehelm, Mathes40w23-15-11_Ref
Rappell, John32w_4_
Leib, John43w1014-1/2Ref
Mess, Abraham34w_14-2_
Herzel, Adam44w_14Luth
Zerbst, Peter50w2428-27-25-23-14Cath
Resch, Adam50w17-11-619-18_
Maur, John36w13-11-10-31/2_
Kuehn, Herman55w2628-18Cath
Peder, Nicol40w16-15-9-28Cath
Krutsch, John40w28-6-4Cath
Bork, Henrich50w_20-12-4_
Doenny, Martin44w616Cath
Herman, Justus41w_14-7Luth
Becker, John30w_3-1Cath
Hofman, Philip30w1_Luth
Bork, Mattes40w13-11-210-8-5Cath
Tielman, Conrad30w8-6-1 1/29Cath
Steiner, Michel50w__Cath
Schutz, Martin22w1/2_Cath
Metzger, John32w_1 1/2Cath
Graner, Jacob60s__Ref
Buntz, Nicol30w1614-8Cath
Meyer, Paulus18w__Cath
Scheuer, John35w__Cath
Engel, William27w__Cath
Mutz, Friederik22w__Cath
Schueler, Peter46w7-120-14-5Cath
Sontag, Francis36w5-113-5Cath
Engler, Peter30w52Cath
Borr, Matthes45w2118Cath
Schunger, Theobald38w13-11-52Cath
Creutz, Matthes40w18-7-6-29-4Cath
Creutz, John36w1310-7Cath
Schmidt, Caspar30w2_Ref
Ludwig, Henry40w18-10_Luth
Keusel, Jacob44w7-1 1/213-11Luth
Mueller, Martin32w8-6-52Ref
Lang, Wolf30w16-3Cath
Schoepfer, George32w__Ref
Ulrich, Elias46w813-2 1/2Ref
Rosbach, Peter40w12-7_Luth
Rennersbacher, Christian24w__Ref
Herman, Sebastian26w__Ref
Mansbeil, Caspar33w5_Luth
Kurtz, George37w12_Luth
Fritz, Nicol54w20-14-13-915-11-2Cath
Reischardt, Christian32w34Ref
Meyer, Adam30w__Cath
Heibel, Bernhardt40w814-3-1Ref
Gro, George40w27-5Luth
Gro, Philip30w6-5-3-1_Luth
Stengel, Philip54s__Luth
Rink, Melchior42w1610Ref
Walter, Caspar44w21-16-12-8-418-14-12-6Luth
Schales, Peter38w_15-12-4Ref
Baum, Abraham34w14-12-3-115_
Schmidt, Peter33w12-1014-2Ref
Hodel, Isaac36w1/4_Ref
Eschweilen, Thomas34w_10-6Ref
Eschwein, Jacob41w157-1Ref
Zepp, Leonhardt44w20-19-817Ref
Mengel, Wendel27w35-2 daysRef
Brathecker, Justus44__18-11-9-3-1_
Schaefer, Zerben40w12_Cath
Coblentzer, John28w52Ref
Christman, John41w7-59-2Mennon
Kintig, John45w12-1017-16-6Ref
Hedgen, Conrad42w171Ref
Krenig, John40w611Ref
Batz, Friedrich28w5-38Luth
Crabbecher, Peter28w2_Luth
Tachfletter, George30w3_Luth
Seip (Leip), Michel23w__Luth
Speicherman, Herman46w1618Luth
Boll, Caspar40w_4Luth
Morheiser, Nicol26w72Cath
Matthes, Lorentz75_24_Luth
Brunwasser, Herman31w1_Luth
Schwed, Jacob42w18-13-810-5-4-1/4Cath
Binhammer, Barthel37w6-110-3Cath
Lutz, John33w10-7-314Ref
Peter, Jacob22w__Ref
Bachler, Michel47w512-10-7Ref
Hupfer, David30w_12-9Ref
Hern, John37w7-52Ref
Weber, Dietrich42w115Cath
Vorbeck, John56w_1/2Cath
Eilen, Henry38w12-8-3_Cath
Pommer, Bongraf45_1714Cath
Stegen, Nicol58w7-314-12Luth
Schleicher, George40w319-17-1Luth
Hagadorn, Peter60w24-22-1517-11Luth
Salbach, John52w_17-14Luth
Sahlbach, Edmund21w__Luth
Fuchs, John30w4-1_Luth
Propfer, Justus30w7-49Luth
Balzar, Jacob40w9-615Cath
Thiel, John50w_18-12Luth
Tiel, Herman26w_2Luth
Ess, Jacob49w_1Cath
Wend, Henry38w15-5-210Luth
Bitter, Jacob31w10-5-1/2_Luth
Bakus, Ferdinand31w42Cath
Stott, Dietrich31w_4Cath
Dietrich, Nicol46w17-10-5-218-15-7Cath
Beyer, Thomas28w_6-4-2Luth
Fischer, Peter36w_5-2Ref
Busch, Daniel65w__Ref
Meyer, Henry43w46Ref
Pulver, Wendel30w5-2_Cath
Wilmar, Anton40w13_Luth
Eberhard, Michel44w21-12-813Ref
Mueller, Henry34w4-31Ref
Kuhns, Conrad44w2420Luth
Gesner, Conrad26w2-1/2_Luth
Schaefer, Andreas50w27-24-1720Luth
Sorg, Matthes54w410-7Cath
Paul, Henry50w21-7-517-14-12-9Luth
Sperling, Peter47w10-8-418-16-14Luth
Kaefer, Casimir23w__Luth
Schintzerling, John41w_12-8-4Ref
Rup, Peter42w20-1614-12-2Ref
Berger, John45w16-14-820-10Ref
Nuss, Lugwig46w_15-12-10Ref
Oberdubbel, Jacob35w4-211Cath
Kesler, George40w14-10-6-3_Cath
Wolpert, Nicol30w104Cath
Engel, John36w_10-6-3Cath
Borkes, Herman25w1-1/4_Cath
Themer, John36w15-11-8-61Luth

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