Palatines from Germany to England in 1709

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Lists of Germans from the Palatinate Who Came to England in 1709 - June 1709 Arrivals

These names were extracted from the the New York Genealogical & Biographical Record, Vol. XLI (41), pages 10-19; Published by the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society, New York (January 1910).

This page contains the June 1709 arrivals (part 2 of 3). For the May 1709 arrivals see Palatines to England, May 1709

This material is also available on digitized microfilm from FamilySearch: Lists of Germans from the Palatinate Who Came to England in 1709 compiled by John Tribbeko and George Ruperti (See Item #5 on digitized microfilm roll #973056.)

Abbreviations Used... w=wife; s=single; Luth=Lutheran; Cath=Catholic; Ref=Reformed; Mennon=Mennonite; the numbers in the sons & daughters columns are the ages of the sons or daughters.

Many of the individuals and families listed here went on to America, arriving in 1710. See: Palatine Ships to New York in 1710

As with any transcription of old records there may errors. You should consult the original source.

Husbandmen & Vinedressers continued from page 1

Ehresman, Michel46w2022-13-7Ref
Johann, Nicol32w13-9-76-1Luth
Laekman, Isaac36w107-4Ref
Schreiner, Simon36w4-212-10-8Cath
Lauer, John27w_7-6-3Cath
Daniel, Anton40w17-12-6-118-8-4Cath
Mitwig, Germanus54w1814Cath
Baum, Fridrik45w1421-19-15Cath
Wind, Peter41w21-8-7-218Cath
Volks, Arnold32w9-113-4Cath
Schmidt, Nicol36w12_Ref
Froebus, George39w1820-12Ref
Schmidt, Nicol19w__Ref
Emmel, Christoph27w73Ref
Kesseler, Caspar65_2025Cath
Sottig, Herman40w11-714-9-5Cath
Bestel, Jacob33w__Cath
Becker, John26w_1 1/2Cath
Lorentz, Dietrich34w12-3_Cath
(L?) Sinnenbaum, Peter50w20-3-1_Cath
Schneider, Ulrich34(?)w24(?)-1_Ref
Schmidt, Adam36w_13-10-8Cath
Hilles, Nicol40w1016-13-5Ref
Fuchs, George40w1217-10-8-6Cath
Dressel, John32w_1Cath
Schmidt, John35w83-1/4Cath
Lennebaum, Christoph26w_4-2Cath
Wicked, Bernhard36w11-5-1/28Cath
Staut, Grin30w__Ref
Mohr, Augustin36w13-4-26Cath
Autlen, Paulus39w17-9-6-312Cath
Romer, John26w13Cath
Lerne, Matthes42w15-12-214-8Cath
Leophard, John38w7-314-12-7Cath
Guck, John35w_3Cath
Alten, John56w_23-22-9-4Cath
Lenacker, Peter36w14-9-614-12-10-7-2Cath
Leich, Simon34w61 1/2Luth
Heins, John Adam33w6_Luth
Heins, Nicol24w__Luth
Gross, Dietrich27w__Cath
Getman, Caspar36w16-14-8-56-5-2Luth
Gross, William56w12-95_
Valentins, Velten20w__Cath
Kulpfaber, Jacob26w_4-2Ref
Gebel, Henrich24w12-1014-2Luth
Schmids, Henry60_15-12__
Schenkel, John44w1013-8-5Ref
Valentin, John56w14-316-8Cath
Arnold, Philip30w_5-3Cath
Volhart, John30w20-18-1513-12Luth
Schmidt, John35w83-1/4Cath
Mueller, Peter45w18-6-4_Cath
Fris, John30w7-28-5Cath
Metz, Sebastian36w1815-7Luth
Mumenthal, Jacob48w__Ref
Schmidt, Arnd30w103Ref
Henrich, Jost50w16-11-718-12-5Cath
Braun, Nicol60w20-15-1117-8-1Ref
Hauch, Lucas31(?)w22(?)-16-13-9-3-8 days13-12-9Ref
Becker, John28w----Luth
Mullen, Gerhard35w7--Cath
Ermitter, Francis35w75-2Cath
Schumacher, Bartel41w11-614-14-8Luth
Bellesheim, Peter27w1--Cath
Fehling, Henry24w----Ref
Krantz, Conrad23w--1Ref
Sherner, John Michel39w7-318-16-14-4Luth
Schmidt, George53w22-20-218-16-14-8Luth
Reuter, Ludwig32w----Ref
Zerbst, Martin34w11-8-4-2--Luth
Mullen, Michel26w21Luth
Michel, Nicol30w----Luth
Bartel, Henrich45w17-14-920Luth
Stoss, John40w10-116-3Cath
Giss, Jost39w12-10-35Cath
Saar, John50w20-18-5-5-214-9Cath
Huhn, Henry48------Ref
Faber, Adam30------Ref
Kludy, George22------Ref
Wilhelm, Paul30------Ref
Son, Philip30------Ref
Cleman, Peter17------Luth
Reichardt, Valentin18------Cath
Friede, Nicol21------Luth
Biss, Nicol20------Cath
Stin, Titius20------Cath
Baus, Nicol24------Cath
Knauer, Zacharias26------Ref
Busch, Justus24------Luth
Schwab, Philip20------Ref
Peters, John19------Cath
Seibel, Valentin22------Ref
Seibel, George20------Ref
Wilhelm, John40------Ref
Riegel, Christian20------Cath
Geibel, Peter17------Luth
Schnick, Michel22------Ref
Heller, Wolf26------Luth
Ehrenbach, Michel27------Luth
Valentin, Henry20------Cath
Burger, Caspar26------Cath
Dewick, Francis22------Cath
Henning, Andreas38------Ref
Beckart, Christian26------Cath
Hohenfedd, Lorentz22------Cath
Durr, Philipp27------Cath
Dudenbecker, John18------Luth
Omes, Peter21------Cath
Reuter, Nicol25------Cath
Christ, John20------Cath
Reuter, Ludwig14------Cath
Gamben, John24------Cath
Vogt, Henry25------Ref
Wenckel, Henry23------Cath
Drosel, William36------Ref
Hensel, Valentine20------Ref
Schuster, Peter40------Cath
Zerbst, Conrad39------Ref

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