Palatines from Germany to England in 1709

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Lists of Germans from the Palatinate Who Came to England in 1709 - June 1709 Arrivals

These names were extracted from the the New York Genealogical & Biographical Record, Vol. XLI (41), pages 10-19; Published by the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society, New York (January 1910).

This page contains the June 1709 arrivals (part 2 of 3). For the May 1709 arrivals see Palatines to England, May 1709

This material is also available in the book, Lists of Germans from the Palatinate Who Came to England in 1709 by John Tribbeko & George Ruperti, and on microfilm from the Family History Library (FHL British Film #973056; item 5)

Abbreviations Used... w=wife; s=single; Luth=Lutheran; Cath=Catholic; Ref=Reformed; Mennon=Mennonite; the numbers in the sons & daughters columns are the ages of the sons or daughters.

Many of the individuals and families listed here went on to America, arriving in 1710. See: Palatine Ships to New York in 1710

As with any transcription of old records there may errors. You should consult the original source.

Husbandmen & Vinedressers continued from page 1

Ehresman, Michel46w2022-13-7Ref
Johann, Nicol32w13-9-76-1Luth
Laekman, Isaac36w107-4Ref
Schreiner, Simon36w4-212-10-8Cath
Lauer, John27w_7-6-3Cath
Daniel, Anton40w17-12-6-118-8-4Cath
Mitwig, Germanus54w1814Cath
Baum, Fridrik45w1421-19-15Cath
Wind, Peter41w21-8-7-218Cath
Volks, Arnold32w9-113-4Cath
Schmidt, Nicol36w12_Ref
Froebus, George39w1820-12Ref
Schmidt, Nicol19w__Ref
Emmel, Christoph27w73Ref
Kesseler, Caspar65_2025Cath
Sottig, Herman40w11-714-9-5Cath
Bestel, Jacob33w__Cath
Becker, John26w_1 1/2Cath
Lorentz, Dietrich34w12-3_Cath
(L?) Sinnenbaum, Peter50w20-3-1_Cath
Schneider, Ulrich34(?)w24(?)-1_Ref
Schmidt, Adam36w_13-10-8Cath
Hilles, Nicol40w1016-13-5Ref
Fuchs, George40w1217-10-8-6Cath
Dressel, John32w_1Cath
Schmidt, John35w83-1/4Cath
Lennebaum, Christoph26w_4-2Cath
Wicked, Bernhard36w11-5-1/28Cath
Staut, Grin30w__Ref
Mohr, Augustin36w13-4-26Cath
Autlen, Paulus39w17-9-6-312Cath
Romer, John26w13Cath
Lerne, Matthes42w15-12-214-8Cath
Leophard, John38w7-314-12-7Cath
Guck, John35w_3Cath
Alten, John56w_23-22-9-4Cath
Lenacker, Peter36w14-9-614-12-10-7-2Cath
Leich, Simon34w61 1/2Luth
Heins, John Adam33w6_Luth
Heins, Nicol24w__Luth
Gross, Dietrich27w__Cath
Getman, Caspar36w16-14-8-56-5-2Luth
Gross, William56w12-95_
Valentins, Velten20w__Cath
Kulpfaber, Jacob26w_4-2Ref
Gebel, Henrich24w12-1014-2Luth
Schmids, Henry60_15-12__
Schenkel, John44w1013-8-5Ref
Valentin, John56w14-316-8Cath
Arnold, Philip30w_5-3Cath
Volhart, John30w20-18-1513-12Luth
Schmidt, John35w83-1/4Cath
Mueller, Peter45w18-6-4_Cath
Fris, John30w7-28-5Cath
Metz, Sebastian36w1815-7Luth
Mumenthal, Jacob48w__Ref
Schmidt, Arnd30w103Ref
Henrich, Jost50w16-11-718-12-5Cath
Braun, Nicol60w20-15-1117-8-1Ref
Hauch, Lucas31(?)w22(?)-16-13-9-3-8 days13-12-9Ref
Becker, John28w----Luth
Mullen, Gerhard35w7--Cath
Ermitter, Francis35w75-2Cath
Schumacher, Bartel41w11-614-14-8Luth
Bellesheim, Peter27w1--Cath
Fehling, Henry24w----Ref
Krantz, Conrad23w--1Ref
Sherner, John Michel39w7-318-16-14-4Luth
Schmidt, George53w22-20-218-16-14-8Luth
Reuter, Ludwig32w----Ref
Zerbst, Martin34w11-8-4-2--Luth
Mullen, Michel26w21Luth
Michel, Nicol30w----Luth
Bartel, Henrich45w17-14-920Luth
Stoss, John40w10-116-3Cath
Giss, Jost39w12-10-35Cath
Saar, John50w20-18-5-5-214-9Cath
Huhn, Henry48------Ref
Faber, Adam30------Ref
Kludy, George22------Ref
Wilhelm, Paul30------Ref
Son, Philip30------Ref
Cleman, Peter17------Luth
Reichardt, Valentin18------Cath
Friede, Nicol21------Luth
Biss, Nicol20------Cath
Stin, Titius20------Cath
Baus, Nicol24------Cath
Knauer, Zacharias26------Ref
Busch, Justus24------Luth
Schwab, Philip20------Ref
Peters, John19------Cath
Seibel, Valentin22------Ref
Seibel, George20------Ref
Wilhelm, John40------Ref
Riegel, Christian20------Cath
Geibel, Peter17------Luth
Schnick, Michel22------Ref
Heller, Wolf26------Luth
Ehrenbach, Michel27------Luth
Valentin, Henry20------Cath
Burger, Caspar26------Cath
Dewick, Francis22------Cath
Henning, Andreas38------Ref
Beckart, Christian26------Cath
Hohenfedd, Lorentz22------Cath
Durr, Philipp27------Cath
Dudenbecker, John18------Luth
Omes, Peter21------Cath
Reuter, Nicol25------Cath
Christ, John20------Cath
Reuter, Ludwig14------Cath
Gamben, John24------Cath
Vogt, Henry25------Ref
Wenckel, Henry23------Cath
Drosel, William36------Ref
Hensel, Valentine20------Ref
Schuster, Peter40------Cath
Zerbst, Conrad39------Ref

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