Palatines from Germany to England in 1709

May Arrivals Page 2

Lists of Germans from the Palatinate Who Came to England in 1709 - May 1709 Arrivals (Page 2)

Abbreviations Used... w=wife; s=single; Luth=Lutheran; Cath=Catholic; Ref=Reformed; Bap=Baptist; the numbers in the sons & daughters columns are the ages of the sons or daughters.

Many of the individuals and families listed here went on to America, arriving in 1710. See: Palatine Ships to New York in 1710

As with any transcription of old records there may errors. You should consult the original source.

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These Are Only Husbandman     
Goebell, Paul59w2325Luth
Gring, Jacob26w--1Ref
Jocobi, John Thomas38w13-91Luth
Zitel, Jacob25w----Ref
Kinfeller, Frederick37w512Ref
Becker, Gerhard (also a joiner)38w1/25Ref
Notzel, Rudolf38w--8-7-2Ref
duBois, Abraham (tobacco planter)38w13-9-37Ref
Durbecker, John Adam26w--2Ref
Jalathe, John Wm38w6-1/212Ref
Hartman, John George40w9--Cath
Buff, George28w--1Luth
Thomas, John George50w7-25--
Wismar, John (also a tailor)50w2022Bap
Pfeiffer, John Jacob42w83Ref
Schuetz, John46w--6-4-3-1 1/2Ref
Hubscher, Andrew50w2213-9-8-5Bap
Trumph, John Michael48--18--Ref
le Dee, John47----20-16Ref
le Fevre, Abram50w720Ref
Schrager, Andrew53w--23-20Bap
Oberholtzer, Mark45w10-8-36-1Bap
Fodder, John38w9-41Ref
Staehler, Peter24s----Ref
Hermann, Niclas52s----Ref
Moor, John25s----Ref
Moor, Austin22s----Ref
Moor, John Wm18s----Ref
Pelle, Peter24s----Ref
Wentzen, Peter25s----Ref
Hagder, John27s----Ref
Kuhlwein, Philip26s----Ref
Beller, Jacob28w1 1/2--Cath
Zinkhan, Conrad37w1 1/41 1/4-4Ref
Schlingluff, John30w20-15-11--Ref
Eyeach, John Valentine22s----Ref
Keyser, Geo. Frederick40w--7-5Ref
Zimmerman, John Wolff53w20-1622-18-11-9Luth
Willlich, Peter30w--5-2Ref
Leucht, Lewis54w22--Luth
Andrew, Benedict40w1 1/2--Luth
Hebenstreit, John Jas. (locksmith)30w----Ref
Degen, Felix23s----Ref
Heffen, Bartin30s----Ref
Zeitz, John Peter30s----Ref
Bauer, George40s----Luth
Gruender, Matthew33s----Ref
Dieterich, John44w2--Cath
Lup, Henry28w11-9-68Ref
Guth, Henry30s----Ref
Rebell, Jacob30s----Ref
Escherich, John37s----Luth
Anke, Joseph28s----Ref
Muller, Daniel50s----Ref
Penning, Daniel22s----Luth
Truat, John40w10-6--Ref
de Rochefort, Peter38w12-1015-3Ref
Smith, Henry53w22-19-12-615Luth
Buehler, John48w--16-12-11Luth
Cloth & Linen Weavers     
Walter, John George45w12-9-1/217-7Ref
Rider, Niclas38w----Ref
Lucas, Francis46w17-1119-8-6-3-3Ref
Bruchly, John Henry32w4-2--Ref
Adeler, Henry41w12--Ref
Hoherluth, George Adam45w12-917-14Bap
Ziegler, Michael25s----Luth
Bien, John24s----Bap
Boos, John Henry22w----Ref
Riedell, John George30w16Luth
Koenig, John Adam30s----Ref
Mueller, John Jacob42w13-12-10-8-6-415Ref
Hohenstein, Christian37w4-16Cath
Schlottenhofer, Christof38w6-1--Ref
Galathe, John Jacob32w126Ref
Mendon, Jacob22s----Ref
Stocking Weaver     
Mason, Niclas46w17--Ref
Bergleuchter, Anton24s----Ref
Guthzeit, William29w32Luth
Neidhofer, John Quirinus42w820-17Luth
Gessienger, Henry28w--1/4Luth
Weber, John Engel46w--20-18-13-8-4Luth
Weber, John Jacob26w----Luth
Schaeffer, John44w14-10-2-5 days8-5Ref
Bauer, Christian30w8-610-4-1Ref
Galathe, Jacob75s----Ref
Heyde, Peter28w1 1/2--Ref
Hagenbeck, Frederick30w6-3--Cath
Kirchofen, Francis Ludwig37s----Ref
Schaeffer, John26w1--Ref
Hakl, John George30w19-5-4Cath
Stutz, John Eberhard44w7-25Luth
Henrich, Lorentz48w2 1/21 1/4Ref
Reiser, John Peter40w14-12-8-6-1 1/2--Cath
Hoffstaetter, Philip19s----Ref
la Forge, John Wm50w----Ref

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