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by Joe Beine

Death Indexes and Records Online - USA

Finding Ship Passenger Lists, 1820-1960s

Before You Search - it may be helpful to do a little homework Search the Major Ports and Many Smaller Ports at Once
(The major ports are New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New Orleans)
Port by Port Search Italians to America Manifest Markings
(What do all those scribbles and numbers added later to a passenger list mean?) Ellis Island Information and Timeline A slightly more detailed version of this section can be found here:
Ship Passenger Lists Guide, 1820-1960s

Italy Civil Registration Records Online

Which Village or City?
If you don't know your ancestor's place of birth (village or city) in Italy, this guide may be helpful... Italy Civil Registration Records Online
Joint project between FamilySearch and the Italy State Archives Note: Indexing for this project is not yet complete.

Coverage Do You Want to Help Index These Records?

Additional Resources from FamilySearch for Italy Genealogy
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