Ship Passenger Lists Guide, 1820-1960s

For Ships Arriving at U.S. Ports from Europe and Other Places

Before You Search

It may be helpful to do a little homework to help narrow down the search...

Search the Major Ports and Many Smaller Ports at Once

The five major U.S. ports for arriving immigrants: New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New Orleans.

At Ancestry and FamilySearch, you can search the major ports and many smaller ports in a single database -- see the links below. Ancestry's ship passenger lists database has a large collection of passenger lists for many US ports, plus ports in the UK, Canada, Germany (Hamburg), and Australia.

Port by Port Search Italians to America - Germans to America - Irish Famine Immigrants - And Other Finding Aids Notes Ellis Island Information Manifest Markings
(What do all those scribbles and numbers on the passenger list mean?) What Was It Like to Travel by Ship to America in the 19th Century?

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