New Orleans Passenger Lists March 1847

Compiled by Joe Beine

The names here are from the WPA Transcripts for March 1847 and represent only a small portion of the total arrivals. If you believe your ancestor arrived in New Orleans in the first quarter of 1847 (Jan-March) and you do not find them listed on these pages you should check the New Orleans Quarterly Abstracts microfilm.

These lists are transcribed from National Archives Microfilm Roll #M2009-2 for 1847. See the source notes below.

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Date Vessel Embarked Passengers
March 2 Ship Virginia Liverpool Frances Melie
Thomas Nerlin
Daniel Mulhern
Nelly Mulhern
Michael Gaughen
Catherine Gaughen, died Jan. 23, 1847
Bridget Hagerty
Patt Doland
Patt Doland [A.W.]
Cahterine Doland
Catherine Doland [A.W.]
Ann Doland
Mary Doland
Biddy Doland
Rose Doland
Terry Maguin
Ellin Maguin
Patt Coll
Rose Coll
Timothy Dossa, died Feb. 28, 1847
Edward Dossa
Biddy Dossa
Ellin Dossa
Biddy Dossa [A.W.]
Ann Dossa
Rose Dossa
Mary Dossa
Catherine Dossa
Patt Flinn
March 3 Ship Boston Havre Geo. Bergerot
Alvarez Latorre
Alexandre de Letty de Breiul
Joseph Legendre
March 4 Ship Geo. Stevens Cadiz R. McLaughlin
H.E. Wilson
March 4 Brig Lina Bremen Chs. Tribs
March 6 Schooner Traveller Havana James Strawbridge
March 8 Ship Exchange Liverpool Daniel MacStay
Anna MacStay
Sarah Ann MacStay
Catherine MacStay
Mary MacStay
Clara MacStay
J. Dougherty
March 12 Brig Romona Dublin Mathew McGrath
March 13 Brig Leda Malaga J.M. Schallas, wife & 3 children
March 13 Brig Lyra Kingston, Jamaica Edward Sedgwick & lady
M. Inwright
Ramon de Anduiro
Alex Spires
D.G. Silva
March 15 Barque John R. Gardner Belize F. Agnant
Mrs. E. Royal
March 16 Brig Amelia Raymond Havre via Havana Chs. Duparcq
Mr. Puybaret [?]
March 16 Ship John G. Coster Liverpool Thomas Young
John Young, wife & 5 children
William Johnson & wife
Isaac Johnson
James Johnson
John McManners
Mary McPhillips
M. Gartlin
John Dimsey
Edward Barry & 4 children
Margaret Delany
James Lynch
Barby Lynch
Hannah Lynch
John Lynch
James Smith, wife & 3 children
M. Linsky, wife & 3 children
Martin Noon, wife & 3 children
Jane Fitzgerald, 2 children & servant
John McCarty
Pat Inwright
Samuel Wetmore, wife & 1 child
Joseph Wetmore
Ann Wetmore
Robert Singleton
John Johnson, wife & 5 children
March 17 Ship Berlin Liverpool Margaret Donerythy
Ann Morlane
Stephen McGlocklin
Thomas Watson
John McDonald
Thomas Grealey
Wm. Andrews
John Flin
John McInty
Thomas Monaghan
Ann Donokoe
Lawrence McGlinn
John Leary
James Courtney
Patrick Coffy
Sarah Duffy
Stewart Gillmore
John Brady
Patrick Carr
John Lawless
Edward Kerby
Mary Kinndly
John Bean
John Donelly
March 17 Brig P. Soule Havana C.W. Poultney
M.S. Dawson
E.W. Heackle
E. Mears
M.J. Jacob
J. Jud
March 18 Schooner Home Tampico I. Mailo
C.W. Churchill
G. Treat
J. McClasky
G. Berry
E. Winslow
Wm. Conway
March 20 Brig Brazil Havana Mr. Garr
March 22 Ship Astracan Liverpool L.H. Everett
George Michael
March 22 Ship Caledonia Brander Liverpool James Cox
Mrs. Cox
Paul Cox
Ann Cox
Bridget Cox
Jane Cox
John Cox, Jr.
James Cox [A.W.]
Margaret Cox
James Whalley
Mary Whalley & infant
James Fahey
Mrs. Fahey
Dan'l. Fahey
Malachy Fahey
Biddy Fahey
Mary Fahey
Margaret Fahey
Leidy Fahey
Wm. Halligan [?]
Ann Halligan [?]
Mary Gaghegan
James Mooney
Jas. Kelly
March 22 Ship Henry Cadiz David Adams
Felix Hughs
John O'Dod
Mathias Cuneunon
John Fleming
Michal Conan
Wm. Qualter
Pat. Corban
Pat. Grimes
Michel Griffin
Baroley Madden (Barcley ?)
Emanuel Otar

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Source: This transcription is from...

Microfilm: Work Projects Administration Transcript of Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New Orleans, Lousiana, 1813-1849 (NARA Microfilm Publication M2009/2 rolls). Roll 2, Vol. 3, pages 296-302

For details about this series of microfilm see: Resources for Finding New Orleans Passenger Lists

For an online New Orleans index see: New Orleans Passenger Lists Index Search 1820-1945

Every effort was made to accurately transcribe these records. But errors may have been made. You may wish to consult the original source.

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