New Orleans Passenger Lists January 1847

Compiled by Joe Beine

The names here are from the WPA Transcripts for January 1847 and represent only a small portion of the total arrivals. If you believe your ancestor arrived in New Orleans in the first quarter of 1847 (Jan-March) and you do not find them listed on these pages you should check the New Orleans Quarterly Abstracts microfilm.

These lists are transcribed from National Archives Microfilm Roll #M2009-2 for 1847 (the first ship, the Brig Harriet, is also on NARA Roll #M259-26). See the source notes below.

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Date Vessel Embarked Passengers
January 1 Brig Harriet
Ship's Master: Brown
Jamaica John Merrick (35, M, Seaman, U. States)
William Walker (25, M, Carpenter, Jamaica)
January 4 Brig P. Soule Havana J.M. Isaacs
Nicholas Vergas
S.H. Wiers
Am. Fortier
Mrs. Widow Bargasse
January 4 Schooner Valesco Tampico E. Dufour, lady & 2 children
F. Theard
I.K. Caughlin
January 5 Ship Saint Lawrence Rio de Janeiro Wm. L.E. Belknap
George Nathan
January 11 Barque Virginia Gothenburg
[Göteborg, Sweden]
See the Virginia Passenger List on a separate page
January 18 Ship Oceana Bordeaux Mdme. Calve & servant girl Cezarine, colored.
Mdme. Berge (c.m. or o.m.)
Mr. Rouguette (A)
Mr. Lavenue (J.)
Mr. Dumas (J.)
Mr. Boudouin, wife & child
Mr. Larien
Mr. Gartale (fr.)
Mr. Mortemosque
Mr. Laviolette
Mr. Lazies (P.)
Mr. Azum (J.)
Mr. Lamonille (J.)
Mr. Cerise (J.)
Mr. Cerise (P.)
Mr. Laloup - Lort. [?]
Mr. Rouiz (Ant.)
Mr. Prat (fr.)
Mr. Debat
Hippalithe Bernisher
Mr. Bordalout
Mr. Dominique Daleac [?]
Mr. Expert
January 20 Ship Cheasapeake Rotterdam Johannes Landrian, family of 3
Giradus Van Piclewern
John Schourvandem, family of 4
Bernard Heilman, family of 4
Moses Lowenberg
Antonie Van Oehthoven, family of 4
Jan Albert Rooks, family of 7
Ernest Ed. Andreas, family of 10
Anna Roberts, family of 4
January 23 Brig Belle Montego Bay, Jamaica Charles Leafeud
Caroline Leafeud
August Starbuke
Charles Metallard [?]
January 23 Schooner Rigolette Kingston, Jamaica John Hasken
Aaron Shaw
John Quinen
January 29 Bark Amelia Mulholland Demarara Revd. E. Davies, D.D. and lady

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Source: This transcription is from...

Microfilm: Work Projects Administration Transcript of Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New Orleans, Lousiana, 1813-1849 (NARA Microfilm Publication M2009/2 rolls). Roll 2, Vol. 3, pages 292-294

For details about this series of microfilm see: Resources for Finding New Orleans Passenger Lists

For an online New Orleans index see: New Orleans Passenger Lists Index Search 1820-1945

Every effort was made to accurately transcribe these records. But errors may have been made. You may wish to consult the original source..

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