Bark Kilby Passenger List

Liverpool to New Orleans March 1845

Transcribed by Joe Beine

Bark Kilby
This ship arrived in New Orleans 12 March 1845 from Liverpool, England
Ship Master: Janvein

The Passengers...
name (age, gender, occupation, country to which they belong)

Elizabeth Owen (26, F, No Occupation, England)
Jas. Crowl (28, M, Physician, England)
D. McCarthy (22, M, Farmer, Ireland)
P. Ricsdon (41, M, Farmer, Ireland)
Ellen McCarthy (23, F, Farmer, Ireland)
M. Reilly (30, M, Farmer, Ireland)
Mary Reilly (25, F, Farmer, Ireland)
Anna Reilly (30, F, Farmer, Ireland)
Mary Reilly (9, F, No Occupation, Ireland)
Margaret Reilly (5, F, No Occupation, Ireland)
Anna Reilly (4, F, No Occupation, Ireland)
Thos Reilly (1, M, No Occupation, Ireland)
J. Glide (25, M, Farmer, Ireland)
P. Mitchell (24, M, Farmer, Ireland)
H. J. Montgomery (21, M, Farmer, Ireland)
Hanova (Hanna ?) Barrett (21, F, No Occupation, Ireland)
Michael Barrett (40, M, Farmer, Ireland)
John Barrett (6, M, No Occupation, Ireland)
Jas. Shale (25, M, Farmer, Ireland)
J. Bavris [Barvis ?] (21, M, Farmer, Ireland)
H. Smith (20, M, Farmer, Ireland)
B. Classun [Clapern ?] (25, M, Farmer, Ireland)
H. James (20, M. Farmer, Ireland)
P. Cunningham (40, M, Farmer, Ireland)
Mary Ann Cunningham (13, F, Farmer, Ireland)

For all passengers - the country which they intend to inhabit: U. States

Source: This transcription is from...

Microfilm: Quarterly Abstracts of Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New Orleans, LA 1820--1875. (NARA Microfilm Series M272 - 17 Rolls). Roll 2.

For details about this microfilm see: Resources for Finding New Orleans Passenger Lists

For an online New Orleans index see: New Orleans Passenger Lists Index Search 1820-1945

Every effort was made to accurately transcribe these records. But errors may have been made. You may wish to consult the original sources.

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