Immigrant Ships to New Orleans February 1845

With Transcribed Passenger Lists

Compiled by Joe Beine

Immigrant Ships to New Orleans - for Genealogy Research
Items marked with a "W" as the source are lists transcribed from National Archives Microfilm Roll #M2009-2 (WPA Transcripts). Items marked with a "Q" are from National Archives Microfilm Roll #M272-2 (Quarterly Abstracts). All of the WPA Transcripts & Quarterly Abstracts for February 1845 have been transcribed and added to or linked from this page. See the source notes below.

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SourceDate Vessel Embarked Passengers
W (& Q)February 1 Brig Nimble
Ship's Master: Shaw
La Guina Theophiles e. De Rojas (24, M, Merchant, Colombian)
W (& Q)February 3 Barque Sultan Havana Joseph Stone (28)
Thomas Ballard (32)
QFebruary 3 Bark Argyle

(Ship's Master: Walsh)
Liverpool Math. Acres (25, Labourer)
Mrs. Acres (25, No Occupation)
David Acres (2, No Occupation)
John Fravy (40, Labourer)
Eliza Fravy (35, No Occupation)
Patrick Fravy (11, No Occupation)
Cath Fravy (8, No Occupation)
John Fravy (6, No Occupation)
James Fravy (4, No Occupation)
Ann Lynch (21, No Occupation)
Margaret Danne (Dunne?) (21, No Occupation)
James Danne (18, No Occupation)
All passengers from England
QFebruary 3 Ship England Liverpool See the England Passenger List on a separate page
QFebruary 3 Schooner Ann Parker
(Ship's Master: Brightman)
Havana A. Hand (30, Merchant, U. States)
QFebruary 3 Ship Talma

(Ship's Master: Cayot)
Bordeaux J. Ducloux (30, Merchant, France)
B. Dussant (40, Merchant, France)
J. Ducloux (30, Merchant, France)
J. Mennier (20, No Occupation, France)
__ Garnier (50, Merchant, France)
V. Davan (20, Merchant, France)
__ Bonnet (30, Merchant, France)
D. Dabat (20, No Occupation, France)
all Male; all to U. States
QFebruary 3 Atlas

(Ship's Master: Prince)
Liverpool M. Cahill (45, laborer)
Elizab Cahill (40)
Peter Cahill(13)
Mary Cahill (6)
Margaret Cahill (2)
Anne Cahill (1)
James Byrne (38, laborer)
Mary Byrne (11)
M. Byrne (9)
J. Byrne (5)
Eliza Byrne (2)
Ann Campbell (21)
Alan Farquhar (23, laborer)
Wm Osborn (25, laborer)
J Cowen (29, male, laborer)
P McCabb? (25, laborer)
all passengers from Ireland
WFebruary 4 Brig Eliza Havana Mr. Grass
QFebruary 5 Schooner Commerce

(Ship's Master: Dyer)
Grand Cayman Capt N Jarvis (29, Seaman, U. States)
Mrs. Jarvis (21, No Occupation, U. States)
Samuel Jarvis (19, Seaman, U. States)
S. Smith (25, Seaman, U. States)
Wm Steel (21, Seaman, U. States)
H. Potter (21, Seaman, U. States)
E. Randall (24, Seaman, U. States)
__ Waddell (40, Clergyman, England)
Lady Fur (40, No Occupation, England)
__ Adamson (35, Seaman, England)
Isaac Smith (24, Seaman, U. States)
QFebruary 6 Schooner Water Witch

(Ship's Master: Dupine)
Vera Cruz __ Dodge (40, Merchant, U. States)
Mrs. Dodge (36, No Occupation, U. States)
__ Wetherell (27, Merchant, U. States)
__ Boardman (23, Merchant, U. States)
H. Hart (29, Merchant, U. States)
L Parker (35, Merchant, U. States)
Du Rapian (47, Merchant, U. States)
Wm Miller (26, Merchant, U. States)
H. Bantthon (24, Merchant, U. States)
L. Willis (25, Merchant, U. States)
J. Iraneviz (32, Merchant, U. States)
__ Rich (37, Merchant, U. States)
H Sanders (33, Merchant, U. States)
W Hatcher (34, Merchant, U. States)
J. Sherry (38, Merchant, U. States)
J. Hernandez (-, Merchant, Mexico)
QFebruary 6 Brig Olive Branch
(Ship's Master: Long)
St. Pierre Martinique Charles Haskell (29, No Occupation, England)
L. Havey (20, No Occupation, England)
WFebruary 7 Schooner Fashion Kingston, Jamaica Mr. Roberts
C.A. Smith
C. Tysen
V. Beales
Cap(t). Meyer
QFebruary 7 Brig Minerva
(Ship's Master: Rienet)
St. Pierre Martinique __ Gautin (34, M, Merchant, France)
QFebruary 7 Brig Empressaris

(Ship's Master: Collins)
Havana Mrs Holly? (26, F, No Occupation, U. States)
F Robins (24, M, Merchant, U. States)
J. McCane? (27, M, Merchant, U. States)
QFebruary 10 Brig Bordeaux Packet
(Ship's Master: Stephenson)
Bordeaux __ Bethone? (34?, M, Merchant, U. States)
__ Funard? (40, M, Merchant, France)
QFebruary 10 Brig Thos Stout

(Ship's Master: McConnel)
Havana Juan Aula? (45, M, ?, Spain)
Juan Aula? (18?, M, ?, Spain)
Juan? Rodriguez? (9?, M, ?, Spain)
A. Rodriguez? (12?, M, ?, Spain)
QFebruary 10 Steam Ship Alabama Havana See the Alabama Passenger List on a separate page
QFebruary 10 Brig Titi

(Ship's Master: Brown)
Havana Dolores Pino (28, F, No Occupation, Cuba)
Tomas Gomez (30, M, No Occupation, Cuba)
Antonio Goula (25, M, Militaire, Spain)
S. Berner (30, M, Clergyman, U. States)
T. Harris (25, M, Clergyman, England)
M. Areda (25, M, Merchant, Spain)
Ivan Ramis (25, M, Merchant, Spain)
S. Fernave (23, M, Merchant, Spain)
QFebruary 14 Steamer Jhn S. McKim Galveston See the John S McKim Passenger List on a separate page
QFebruary 14 Ship Republic Liverpool See the Republic Passenger List on a separate page
WFebruary 15 Steamer Repbulic Galveston Mr. Wilson & lady
Genl. I. Hamilton
Col. I. McCord
Capt. Tod
Dr. Raymond
Capt. I. Penneyer Delano
Louis Keats
Daria Horsewort
Joseph Vite
Catharina Stine
Wm. Cerloft
Valentine Deal
QFebruary 15 Steamer New York

(Ship's Master: Wright)
Galveston Mrs. Klauer (37, F, No Occupation, France)
D. H. Klauer (35, M, Merchant, France)
F. Wrede (43, M, Merchant, France)
H. Kartooss (40, M, Merchant, France)
__ Franks (33, M, Merchant, France)
E. Randolph (31, M, Merchant, France)
J. P. Kelsey (30, M, Mechanic, U. States)
W. J. Bukers (39, M, Mechanic, U. States)
QFebruary 17 Brig Hope Howes
(Ship's Master: Lee)
Havana James McFunld, (38, M, Merchant, U. States)
QFebruary 17 Ship Philadelphia
(Ship's Master: Wattington)
Rio de Janeiro C. J. Higginson (22, M, Merchant, U. States)
QFebruary 18 Schooner Wm Bryan

(Ship's Master: Place)
Lavaca (Texas) Mrs. West & 2 children (25, F, No Occupation, Texas)
Mrs. Lane & 2 children (23, F, No Occupation, Texas)
Mrs. Fulkason & 3 children (30, F, No Occupation, Texas)
Mrs Brown (30, F, No Occupation, Texas)
Major West (39, M, Merchant, Texas)
J. Clark (38, M, Merchant, Texas)
C. Monad [Monod?] (40, M, Merchant, U. States)
Robt Kerr (9, M, No Occupation, U. States)
QFebruary 18 Ship Roscoe
(Ship's Master: Ricker)
Rio de Janeiro F. Bonevine (22, M, Merchant, England)
J. Kern (Koren?) (35, M, Merchant, Holland)
QFebruary 18 Schooner Atrevida
(Ship's Master: Sanzhez)
Campeche (Mexico) __ Smith (30, Mechanic, U. States)
F. Quintana (35, Merchant, Spain)
QFebruary 18 Bark Alert
(Ship's Master: Farnham)
Kingston Geo. W. Jarvis (25, Merchant, U. States)
QFebruary 18 Schooner Creole Vera Cruz See the Creole Passenger List on a separate page
QFebruary 19 Bark Geo Henry

(Ship's Master: Gracia)
Kingston Henry Levy (25, M, Mechanic, England)
F. Flemming (45, M, Merchant, England)
J. Albercht [Albrecht?] (48, M, Farmer, Germany)
Mrs. Albercht (49, F, Farmer, Germany)
J. Albrercht (14, M, Farmer, Germany)
H. Albrercht (18, M, Farmer, Germany)
Marie Albrercht (22, F, Farmer, Germany)
Hellen Albrercht (16, F, Farmer, Germany)
QFebruary 21 Brig Duncan

(Ship's Master: Gillchrist)
Guadalupe Chs Quinn (31, M, No Occupation, France)
Rose Quinn (27, F, No Occupation, France)
Chs Quinn (6, M, No Occupation, France)
Mrs L Ganaux (31, F, No Occupation, France)
Miss L. Lanaux (9, F, No Occupation, France)
WFebruary 24 Schooner Equity Matamoras Peter Mais
Bartoleme Esteves
Jno. Bently
Lawrence Flood
QFebruary 24 Ship Tennessee
(Ship's Master: Wise)
Tra-pani ? Wm L Swan (22, M, No Occupation, U. States)
QFebruary 24 Schooner Molestadora

(Ship's Master: Hernandez)
Havana Thos R Wilson (28, M, Merchant, U. States)
Peter Cande? (30, M, Merchant, Italy)
__ Oxnard (25, M, Merchant, U. States)
QFebruary 25 Ship Medford

(Ship's Master: Wilber)
London John Moby (36, M, Laborer, England)
Margaret Moby (36, F, No Occupation, England)
John Raymond (30, M, Laborer, England)
James Cook (311, M, No Occupation, England)
George Howes (16, M, No Occupation, England)
Sam E Jeffreys (36, M, Laborer, England)
QFebruary 25 Bark Amelia

(Ship's Master: Gimory)
Trieste S Shepot (34, M, Merchant, Italy)
Jh. Santini (27, M, Merchant, Italy)
V. Spanzo (25, M, Merchant, Italy)
O. Spanzo (10, M, No Occupation, Italy)
J. A. Moore (-, -, -, -)
QFebruary 25 Schooner Fanny

(Ship's Master: Patterson)
Vera Cruz P. Le Grand (37, M, Merchant, France)
S. Benoist (42, M, Merchant, France)
Daniel Conolly (32, M, Merchant, England)
QFebruary 25 Ship South Carolina Havre See the South Carolina Passenger List on a separate page
QFebruary 25 (listed after the Steamer New York on the microfilm roll) Bark Mandarin

(Ship's Master: Colly)
Kingston Mrs. Pierre (43, F, No Occupation, U. States)
Miss M. F. Lanil? (28, F, No Occupation, U. States)
QFebruary 26 Polaris Biemanida ?

(Ship's Master: Tors)
Barcelona A. Pajadas (30, M, No Occupation, Spain)
B. T. Darnbias? (8, M, No Occupation, Spain)
QFebruary 27 Steamer New York Galveston See the New York Passenger List on a separate page
QFebruary 28 Schooner Grecian

(Ship's Master: Long)
Antigua Wm Haskins (23, M, No Occupation, U. States)
C. Walter? (22?, Merchant, England)

Sources: This material is derived from...

(W) Microfilm: Work Projects Administration Transcript of Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New Orleans, Lousiana, 1813-1849 (NARA Microfilm Series M2009 - 2 rolls). Roll 2, Vol. 3, pages 222-229.

(Q) Microfilm: Quarterly Abstracts of Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New Orleans, LA 1820--1875. (NARA Microfilm Series M272 - 17 Rolls). Roll 2.

For details about these microfilms see: Resources for Finding New Orleans Passenger Lists

For an online New Orleans index see: New Orleans Passenger Lists Guide 1820-1963

Every effort was made to accurately transcribe these records. But errors may have been made. You may wish to consult the original sources.

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