New Orleans Passenger Arrivals 1813

Compiled by Joe Beine, German Roots Webmaster

Note: These lists are transcribed from National Archives Microfilm Roll #M2009-1 for 1813. See the source notes below. Sch. = Schooner

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Date Vessel Embarked Passengers
January 14 Sch. Susette Pensacola
George Faire
Jon Fon
John Dawson
Lewis Monant
January 16 Brig Bourbon Verra Cruz Miguel Elloustardo
January 19 Sch. Caridao St. Jago de Cuba Domingo Garcia
February 15 Sch. Magdalena Pensacola Mme. Lamagan & Son
Mme. Vaughn
Jose Huber
Samuel L. Reeder
February 15 Sch. Louisa Mobile
Wm. H. Robinson
John Garrow
February 16 Sch. Bolodore Pensacola Peter Alba
Antonio Marui
John H. Hudson
Chas. Baron
Mary (African woman of color)
Joaquim Baran
February 18 Sch. Creole Pensacola John Smith
Robt. Criswell
Abel Terriell
Mme. Garcia
Mme. Morant & Servant girl
Mamsell Sevey
Mme. Dumo
John Dumo
February 23 Sch. Susette Pensacola Wm. Roseblaque
Mme. Ramos
Mme. Connise
Mr. Mulsin
February 24 Sch. Paula Pensacola Joseph Portas
Raymond Castile
March 19 Sch. Creole Pensacola Mme. Garcia
Mr. Ballazan
Francisco Mavuneb
March 19 Sch. Cecelia Pensacola Wm. Simonton
March 22 Sch. Louisa Pensacola Chas. Nun
Francisco Allice
A. Beneto
Mark Barn
Sam Black
March 29 Sch. Paula Pensacola Augustine Ancona
Jacques A. Coste
Francisco Dunan
Jose Servallies
Francisco Contret
Bernardo Lafan
Francisco Mendez
March 29 Sch. Creole Pensacola Mme. Barron
March 29 Sch. Susette Pensacola Batiste Roman
Lewis Manville
April 22 Sch. Conception Campeche J.B. Rivarde
April 26 Sch. Cecilia Pensacola Mrs. Catalina Barneve & Family
Mrs. Felicity Salande
Mr. St. Jago
John W. Summonton
Jos. McQuillin
April 29 Sch. Susette Pensacola Michael Roche
May 5 Expedition Bordeaux
Sailed 8/27/1812
Capt. H. Holmes
M. Lavignac
M. Dufour
M. Lecond
M. Carrie
May 13 Sch. Louisa Pensacola John Redon
May 17 Sch. Two Friends Pensacola L. Penson
C. Connor
May 18 Sch. Industry Pensacola Savage
May 21 Sch. Lady of the Lakes Pensacola I. Ellis
T. Willis
I. Davenport
May 21 Sloop New York of Providence Pensacola James Lawrence
Major Hayden Edwards
Andrew Allen
Patrick Gilmour
Rynald Dombrowksy
John Gaston
May 21 Sch. Paula Pensacola Esedro Zains
Jos. Conway
May 22 Sch. Creole Pensacola Joseph Lacoste
John Rouse
May 23 Sch. Henriquita Pensacola Mr. Smith
Mr. Monternant
Madam Movant
Mary S. James
May 24 Sch. Felicity Pensacola Vincent Ramo & Lady
Jose Redando & Wife
May 24 Sch. Flying Fish Pensacola Francis Armand
May 26 Sch. Nuestra Ira Dell Carmen Pensacola Domingo Rodriques
May 28 Sch. Susette Pensacola Maria Montanet
Sophia Detrehant
Celeste Pastor
May 29 Ship Caroline* (see note below) Liverpool Gertrude Pigott
Frances Pigott
Betty Pigott
William Pigott
Hannah Hah

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Source: This transcription is from...

Microfilm: Work Projects Administration Transcript of Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New Orleans, Lousiana, 1813-1849 (indexed) [with gaps] (Nara Publication M2009/2 rolls).

For details about this series of microfilm see: Resources for Finding New Orleans Passenger Lists

*The Ship Caroline has been identified has having arrived on 29 May 1821 (not 1813) from National Archives microfilm publication M259 roll 2. The passengers are listed as: Gertrude Pigott, Hannah Hale, Frances Pigott, Betsy Pigott, Frances Pigott and William Pigott.

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