New Orleans Passenger Arrivals 1813

Compiled by Joe Beine, German Roots Webmaster

Note: These lists are transcribed from National Archives Microfilm Roll #M2009-1 for 1813. See the source notes below. Sch. = Schooner

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Date Vessel Embarked Passengers
June 4 Sloop Nancy St. Stoddard Joseph
June 4 Sch. Florentine Pensacola M. Mitchel
June 9 Sch. Cecilia Pensacola P.H. DeLay
June 14 Sch. Paula Pensacola Mme. Catherine Asree (wife of Capt.)
June 14 Sch. Louisa St. Stoddard Sefroy D'Alive
June 21 Sch. Diligence Pensacola Thomas Holden
June 25 Sch. Susette Pensacola Jos. Dutrieul
Seriaco Newola
Mary Attin
July 14 Sch. Diligence Pensacola Pedro Gotha
John Fraga
July 15 Sch. Felicity Pensacola Pedro Limos
Maria Prados
July 17 Sch. Flying Fish Pensacola John LaCoste
July 21 Sch. Cecilia Pensacola Jos. Perez
Francisco Mendez
Servando Goetier
July 31 Sch. Rosalie Pensacola Capt. Ignatius Fowler
Robt. Mitchell
Manuel Androi
Philma Pero
August 21 Sch. Flying Fish Pensacola Felix Salvador
Lee White
M. Mathews
Joseph Surveyor
September 4 Sch. Rosalie Pensacola Dr. Murphy
John Smith
Andre Westalet
A.H. Rivarde
John Miller
September 7 Sch. Cecilia Pensacola M. Marquez
M. Paul
M. Sandie
Manuel Cred
Juan Antonio
September 29 Sch. Rose-in-Bloom Pensacola Firmin Henry
Jean Henry
October 2 Sch. Jealous Pensacola Mrs. Garraye & 2 children
J.B. Dulusse
A. Moran
Emile Sarmet
Jos. Ledet
October 4 Sch. Flying Fish Pensacola L. Arnaud
October 6 Sch. Cecilia Pensacola Lorenzo Comins
Joseph Rufeil
Pedor Sanchez
May 13 Sch. Louisa Pensacola John Redon
October 18 Sch. Magdalena Pensacola Lee White
John E. Smith
October 23 Sch. Susette Pensacola M. Heytas
M. Perez
November 3 Sch. Celeste Pensacola M. Salvadore
M. Jean
November 6 Sch. Rosalie Pensacola P. Anoy
December 1 Sch. Felicity Pensacola Pedro Simmons
December 4 Sch. Magdalena Pensacola Samuel Harrison
Marshal Smith
Richard Fankartz
M. Bernard
Miguel Fowiner
Pedro Oliver
G. Mallerin
Juan Moretti
Pedro Garand
Lorenzo Roman
Jose Groda
December 6 Sch. Creole Pensacola Aug Dow
Allen Gorham
Juan White
M. Peraco
M. Cooper
December 7 Sch. Celeste Pensacola Jno. F. Miller
I. Dobson
F. Holland
John B. Coulson
Solomon Gorham
December 9 Sch. Susette Pensacola Jules Caesar
I.B. Hern
Julian Ybario
Mamie Heytas
Francisco Braun
Juan Montaner
December 14 Sch. Marguerite Pensacola P. Fernandez
December 20 Sch. Dauphine Pensacola F. Brunetti
Juan Pinlats
A. Caperdaino
December 27 Sch. Pearl Pensacola Sapier

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Source: This transcription is from...

Microfilm: Work Projects Administration Transcript of Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New Orleans, Lousiana, 1813-1849 (indexed) [with gaps] (Nara Publication M2009/2 rolls).

For details about this series of microfilm see: Resources for Finding New Orleans Passenger Lists

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Compiled by Joe Beine © 2001
May not be reproduced without permission

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