Brig Ferdinand Passenger List - Bremen to Baltimore 1834

Brig Ferdinand Passenger List

Bremen to Baltimore, 14 June 1834

transcribed by Joe Beine

Departed Bremen 1 April 1834; Arrived Baltimore 14 June 1834; Master: P. Lembke; 76 total passengers (only the names of the adult male passengers are given on the list)

This is a Baltimore City List transcribed from National Archives Microfilm Roll M255-1 List 21

No. Names from Business
1/10 Joh. G. Frankenberg Sontra Farmer
11 W. H. Crause Sontra Farmer
12/13 F. Horselmann Erfurt Weaver
14 J. Jungdas or Jungclas Treyssa Farmer
15 H. Frick Treyssa Farmer
16 L. Bothmann Berneshausen Distiller
17 M. H. Vinz Elxleben Farmer
18 J. D. Jungclaus Freyburg Cooper
19 J. F. Weissgerber Sonderhausen Farmer
20 H. Wick Marburg Mason
21 C. Bersch Marburg Mason
22 C. Schuhmacher Unterschefflenz Farmer
23 Joh. J. Fritz Unterschefflenz Joiner
24 J. Lewin Frischenmoor Farmer
25 T. Brues Vierssen Dr. med
26 F. J. H. Dallwigh (Dallmegh*) Cassel Dr. med
27 G. Kornmaul Erfurt Turner
28 Ch. Koch Erfurt Gun smith
29/36 J. E. Braun Elxleben Farmer
37/41 J. M. Busch Elxleben Farmer
42/46 B. Wens Ebsteub Barber
47 A. Wedekind Ebstein Butcher
48/56 G. Dombach Wiesbaden Farmer
57/60 H. Kern Nordenstedt Farmer
61/63 F. Sparwasser Nordenstedt Shoemaker
64 G. Stemler Nordenstedt Shoemaker
65/69 H. Brandes Sonnenberg Joiner
70 Fred Wisseborn Nordenstedt Joiner
71/73 J. Schmidtdiel Treyssa Shoemaker
74 H. Haar Rodelmaier Book binder
75 M. Weiss Cassel none given
76 C. F. Pflugmacher Varel Locksmith

Notes: Only the adult male passengers are named on the list. The other passenger are listed only by gender and age on the orginal list.

*The Baltimore Quarterly Abstract for this list gives this surname as Dallmegh

Transcribed by Joe Beine, March 2003, from National Archives microfilm #M255-1; List #21

Like any transcription of old handwritten records this list may contain errors. You should check the microfilmed copy of the original record.

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