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Finding Birth Certificates, Records or Indexes on the Internet - USA

Here are some online 20th Century-era (or earlier) birth indexes. The indexes or databases marked "fee-based" are part of an Ancestry subscription. Indexes or databases listed below at FamilySearch are free (with registration).

Arizona Birth Certificates and Index, 1855-1942 (free) from the Arizona Department of Health Services

California Birth Records Index, 1905-1995 (fee-based)

Delaware State Birth Records, 1861-1922 (free) at FamilySearch; includes scanned copies of the birth records that can be downloaded

Idaho Birth Index, 1861-1917, and Stillbirth Index, 1905-1967 (fee-based)
Idaho Birth Index, 1861-1911 (free) at FamilySearch

Illinois: Cook County Birth Certificates, 75 years or older (index is free with registration; requires payment to download copies of the records)
Illinois: Cook County Birth Certificates Index, 1871-1940 (free) at FamilySearch
Illinois: Cook County Birth Registers Index, 1871-1915 (free) at FamilySearch

Indiana Birth Certificates, 1907-1940 (fee-based) index and digitized images of the birth certificates

Iowa Delayed Birth Records, 1850-1939 (free) at FamilySearch
Iowa: County Births, 1880-1935 (free) not complete; at FamilySearch
Iowa Birth Records, 1921-1942 (free) not complete; at FamilySearch
Iowa State Birth Records Indexes, July 1904-June 1906 (free) also has birth indexes from 1909-June 1921 for 28 counties, and 1909-1917 for Polk County; from the State Historical Society of Iowa

Kentucky Birth Index, 1911-1999 (fee-based) includes some pre-1911 records

Louisiana: New Orleans Birth Records Index, 1790-1915 (fee-based)
Louisiana: Orleans Parish Vital Records, 1905-1913, 1955-1963 (free) at FamilySearch; includes indexes and text-based results for births from 1905-1913, marriages for 1960, and deaths from 1955-1963; digital images of the records can be viewed at some LDS Family History Centers

Maine Birth Records, 1892-1922 (fee-based) also has some entries prior to 1892

Massachusetts Birth Index, 1901-1960 and 1967-1970 (fee-based) shows year of birth, but not the date; parents names not given
Massachusetts Births, 1841-1915 (free) at FamilySearch

Michigan Births, 1867-1902 (free) at FamilySearch; includes scanned images of the birth registers
Michigan: County Births, 1867-1917 (free) at FamilySearch; includes scanned images of county birth records from 53 of Michigan's 83 counties; coverage varies by county

Minnesota Birth Index, 1900-1934 (free)
Minnesota Birth Index, 1935-1995 (fee-based)

Montana Birth Index, 1870-1986 (fee-based)
Montana Birth Records, 1897-1919 (fee-based) includes scanned copies of the birth certificates or records

Nevada Birth Index, 1975-2012 (fee-based)

New Hampshire Birth Certificates, 1901-1915 (free) at FamilySearch

New Jersey Birth Index, 1670-1980 (free) at FamilySearch; not complete, but has 1.1 million entries
New Jersey Birth Index, 1901-1903 (Reclaim the Records) (free) at FamilySearch
New Jersey Birth Index, 1901-1903 (fee-based)

New York City Birth Records Index, 1878-1909 (free) coverage varies by borough
New York City Birth Index, 1910-1965 (fee-based)

New York State Birth Index, 1881-1942 (fee-based) does not include New York City (see just above for NYC)
New York State Birth Index (Outside of New York City), 1881-1942 (free) from Reclaim the Records; scanned documents for each year; does not have a searchable name index

North Carolina Birth Index 1913-2000 (fee-based) coverage varies slightly by county; also includes some pre-1913 births

Ohio Birth Records Index, 1908-1964 (fee-based)

Oregon Births, 1860-1952 (free) at FamilySearch; not complete; most are from 1868-1898

Pennsylvania Birth Certificates, 1906-1910 (fee-based) index and digitized copies of the birth certificates
Pennsylvania Birth Indexes, 1906-1912 (free)
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia City Births, 1860-1906 (free) at FamilySearch

South Carolina Birth Certificates, 1915 and 1916 (free) digitized birth certificates for 1915-1916 only

South Dakota Birth Index (free) for births over 100 years ago
South Dakota Department of Health Index to Births, 1843-1914; and Marriages, 1950-2016 (free) at FamilySearch

Tennessee Birth Records (ER Series), 1908-1912 (free) at FamilySearch
Tennessee Delayed Birth Records, 1869-1909 (fee-based)
Tennessee City Birth Records, 1881-1915 (fee-based) for Chattanooga, Knoxville and Nashville; coverage varies by city
Tennessee: Nashville City Birth Index, 1881-1913 and Davidson County Birth Index, 1908-1912 (free)
Tennessee: Shelby County (Memphis) Birth Records Index, 1874-1917 (partial) (free)

Texas Birth Index, 1903-1997 (fee-based)
Texas Birth Certificates and Index, 1903-1935 (free) at FamilySearch; includes scanned copies of the birth certificates that can be downloaded

Utah Birth Certificates, 1903-1911 (fee-based) includes scanned copies of the birth certificates
Utah Birth Certificates, 1905-1909 (free) also has unindexed birth certificates for 1910-1915
Utah Birth Certificates, 1903-1914 (free) at FamilySearch
Utah Birth Registers, 1892-1944 (fee-based) does not include Millard County or the city of Ogden; coverage varies by county; for most counties the coverage ends in 1905

Vermont Birth Records, 1909-2008 (fee-based) includes digitized images; coverage varies by county

Virginia Birth Records Index, 1864-1999 (fee-based) includes scanned copies of the birth certificates from 1864-1913; records prior to 1912 are delayed birth records recorded later
Virginia Birth Certificates, 1912-1913 (free) at FamilySearch

Washington State Birth Index, 1907-1919 (fee-based)

West Virginia Birth Records and Index, c.1850s-c.1914 (free) includes scanned copies of the birth records; coverage varies by county; some counties may not be included
West Virginia Birth Index, 1853-1930 (free) at FamilySearch; coverage varies by county

Wisconsin Birth Index, 1820-1907 (fee-based)

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