Ship Probus Passenger List

Amsterdam to New Orleans, January 1845

Transcribed by Joe Beine

Ship Probus
Arrived in New Orleans 27 January 1845
Departed 19 October 1844 from Amsterdam
Ship Master: DeVries

m=male; f=female; when gender is not given it is assumed (i.e. Agatha is female)

The Passengers...

Name (Age, Occupation, Country to which they belong, Country they intend to inhabit)

J. G. Plfanner (60m, Priest, Germany, Texas)
F. A. Limbard (51m, Priest, Germany, Texas)
M. Maris (34m, Physician, Germany, Texas)
H. Haller (19m, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
Jos Forst (40, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
Cath Forst (33, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
Barbara Forst (5, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
L. Husty (20m, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
Geo Christillis (40m, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
Salamayer Christillis (42f, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
Cath Christillis (16, Germany, Texas)
Barbara Christillis (11, Germany, Texas)
Geo Christillis (9m, Germany, Texas)
Jos Christillis (6m, Germany, Texas)
Michel Christillis (4, Germany, Texas)
Salamayer Christillis (1f, Germany, Texas)
Jos Christillis (75m, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
Geo. Mangelat (31m, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
Francesca Mangelat (32, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
George Mangelat (11, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
Barbara Mangelat (9, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
Jac. Mangelat (5m, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
G. Hautswirth (20, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
Jos Hulty (21m, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
Jno Britticher [* Biediger] (36, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
Agatha Britticher (34, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
J M Britticher (11m, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
Jacob Britticher (9, Germany, Texas)
Mary Ann Britticher (8, Germany, Texas)
Agatha Britticher (3, Germany, Texas)
Jos Britticher (4m, Germany, Texas)
And. Stoumann (44, mechanic, Germany, Texas)
Therese Stoumann (35, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
M A Bischoffs (13m, Germany, Texas)
J Bischoffs (8, Germany, Texas)
A M Bischoffs (5, Germany, Texas)
Andrew Bischoffs (3, Germany, Texas)
Maria L Bischoffs (11, Germany, Texas)
Josephine Bischoffs (1, Germany, Texas)
L Laughtuslay * (34m, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
R Brungarther [or Baumgarther] (44m, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
Agatha Brungarther (28, Germany, Texas)
Antoine Wassen [or Wasser] (19, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
Willbuger? Wassen (27f, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
Adele Wassen (7, Germany, Texas)
Eugene Wassen (4, Germany, Texas)
Wallbuger Wassen (1f, Germany, Texas)
F R Haller (29m, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
Agatha Haller (28, Germany, Texas)
Rosalie Haller (1, Germany, Texas)
J. Wilhelm (24m, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
Jos Bradack [Brodhag *] (34m, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
Ursula Waitzler (29f, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
Rosina Eihard (4, Germany, Texas)
Barbara Bradak (26, Germany, Texas)
J. Ringer (46m, mechanic, Germany, Texas)
Ann M Ringer (43, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
Eliz. M. Ringer (9, Germany, Texas)
Rosina Ringer (8, Germany, Texas)
L. Ringer (3m, Germany, Texas)
J. Clair (32m, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
Anais Clair (25f, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
X. Clair (25f, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
M. Gastelle (25m, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
M. Tchauscher (19m, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
A Ogi (52m, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
Cath Ogi (20, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
L. Ogi (12m, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
Eliz Ogi (2, Germany, Texas)
Simon Rominger (34, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
Jos Meyer * (44m, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
Cath Meyer (42, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
Jos Meyer (20m, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
Cath Meyer (15, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
Therese Meyer (11, Germany, Texas)
R. Meyer (6m, Germany, Texas)
M. Meyer (4, Germany, Texas)
E. Meyer (4m , Germany, Texas)
N Tonder * (42m, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
Mary A Tonder (40, Germany, Texas)
Mary Tonder (18, Germany, Texas)
H Tonder (14m, Germany, Texas)
U Tonder (10m, Germany, Texas)
L Tonder (7m, Germany, Texas)
N. Pingenot * (42m, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
Justine ? Pingenot (33f, Germany, Texas)
Jacques Tacquart [or Jacquart] (40m, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
Cath Tacquart (41, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
George Tacquart (14m, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
H Tacquart (10m, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
Jac. Tacquart (7m, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
August Pingenot (13, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
Celestia Pingenot (6f, Germany, Texas)
J. B. Wernet (31, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
Cath Wernet (23, Laborer, Germany, Texas)
J. B. Wernet (9m, Germany, Texas)
Jos Wernet (5m, Germany, Texas)
B. Wernet (1m, Germany, Texas)
Ant. Schott * (69m, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
Mary A Schott (42, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
Therese Schott (17, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
Sebastien Schott (11m, Farmer, Germany, Texas)
P. F. Pingenot * (34m, Germany?, Texas)
Francoise Pingenot (32f, France, Texas)
Jos Stromeyer * (52m, Farmer, France, Texas)
Cath Stromeyer (38, Farmer, France, Texas)
Jos Stromeyer (14m, Farmer, France, Texas)
Ann M Stromeyer (12, Farmer, France, Texas)
A. Stromeyer (9m, Farmer, France, Texas)
Cath Stromeyer (8, France, Texas)
Magdelaine Stromeyer (7, France, Texas)
Elizab Stromeyer (6, France, Texas)
Josephine Stromeyer (2, France, Texas)
Joh Iltis [iltis] * (48m, Laborer, France, Texas)
Francoise Iltis (26f, Laborer, France, Texas)
Ueraphine Iltis (9m, France, Texas)
A. Iltis (4m, France, Texas)
P. Iltis (2m, France, Texas)
Jos Bilhartz * (44m, Laborer, France, Texas)
Maryet Blihartz (42f, Laborer, France, Texas)
Maryet Bilhartz (16f, Laborer, France, Texas)
Ann Marie Bilharty (14, Laborer, France, Texas)
Jos Bilhartz (11m, Laborer, France, Texas)
J. B. Hilartz (5m, France, Texas)
V. B. Hilartz (3m, France, Texas)
X. Hilartz (2m, France, Texas)
J Rieden [or Rieder] (45m, Farmer, France, Texas)
Doroth Rieden (28f, Farmer, France, Texas)
John Rieden (1m, France, Texas)
F Tautsch * (14m, Farmer, France, Texas)
X. Rief (59m, Farmer, France, Texas)
Mary Ann Rief (26, Farmer, France, Texas)
Rosalie Rief (21, Farmer, France, Texas)
B. Rief (1m, France, Texas)
Jos Meyer * (38m, Farmer, France, Texas)
Cath Meyer (32, Farmer, France, Texas)
Walburg Meyer (14f, France, Texas)
Josaphine Meyer (11f, France, Texas)
Cath Meyer (8, France, Texas)
Anna? Meyer (6f, France, Texas)
Marie L Meyer (3, France, Texas)
Marie Meyer (1, France, Texas)
Jos Bohl * (48m, Farmer, France, Texas)
Agatha Bohl (33, Farmer, France, Texas)
B. Bohl (15m, Farmer, France, Texas)
F-? Bohl (10m, Farmer, France, Texas)
Caroline Bohl (6, France, Texas)
Jos Bohl (4m, France, Texas)
E Bohl (2m, France, Texas)
Ant Bohl (1m, France, Texas)
Ant Bohl * (52m, Farmer, France, Texas)
J. Monies (42m, Farmer, France, Texas)
Marguerite Monier (53f, Farmer, France, Texas)
Joh Monier (12m, Farmer, France, Texas)
Jac Monier (10m, Farmer, France, Texas)
J. B. Monier (8m, France, Texas)
G. Monier (6m, France, Texas)
F Monier (4, France, Texas)
Phi? Monier (1m, France, Texas)
A. Ringen (40m, Farmer, France, Texas)
Mary Ringen (36, Farmer, France, Texas)
Joseph Ringen (6, France, Texas)
Jos Ringen (5m, France, Texas)
Ann M Ringen (2, France, Texas)
Augustine Ringen (1f, France, Texas)
Jos Lentz (17m, Farmer, France, Texas)
F. Laurenz * (34m, Farmer, France, Texas)
F. Fournier (30m, Farmer, France, Texas)
B. Mayer (44m, Farmer, France, Texas)
Cath Stein (22f, Farmer, France, Texas)
A Dillman (22m, Farmer, France, Texas)
Louise Dillman (23f, Farmer, France, Texas)
Ignatz Wantz * (48m, Farmer, France, Texas)
Francisca Wantz (44f, Farmer, France, Texas)
Cath Watz (25f, Farmer, France, Texas)
Franca [Francesca] Watz (17f, Farmer, France, Texas)
Felix Wantz (9m, Farmer, France, Texas)
Therese Wantz (6f, France, Texas)
Mary Watz (3f, France, Texas)
X. Wantz (1m, France, Texas)
Jos Muller (27f, Farmer, France, Texas)
J. Tschaen [or Ischaen] (46m, Farmer, France, Texas)
Ann M Tschaen (18, Farmer, France, Texas)
Vincent Tschaen (17m, Farmer, France, Texas)
Jos Tschaen (10m, Farmer, France, Texas)
Jac Fuchs (41m, Farmer, France, Texas)
Mary A. Fuchs (27, Farmer, France, Texas)
Therese Fuchs (3, France, Texas)
Jac Fuchs (2m, France, Texas)
D. Lieber * (28m, Farmer, France, Texas)
Cath Lieber (28, France, Texas)
Cath Lieber (3, France, Texas)
J. Iffenneckerz (22m, France, Texas)
Peter Stocklen * (32, Farmer, France, Texas)
M Muller (30m, Farmer, France, Texas)
Jos Eckert (21m, France, Texas)
Therese Eckert (24, Farmer, France, Texas)
L. Faytgaus (26m, Farmer, France, Texas)
A Hauffman [or Kauffman] (32m, Physician, Germany, U. States)
A Campert (27m, lawyer, France, U. States)
Pierre de Crozant (30m, France, Physician, U. States)
Hy Marrillo (35m, merchant, Germany, U. States)
C. Guillaume (30m, mechanic, France, U. States)
Jos Werner * (31m, Farmer Germany, U. States)
Peter Spaet [or Spact] (39, Farmer, Germany, U. States)
Cath Spaet (36, Farmer, Germany, U. States)
Jos Spaet (13m, Germany, U. States)
Ann M Spaet (10, Germany, U. States)
Barbara Spaet (8, Germany, U. States)
Cath Spaet (5, Germany, U. States)
Jopelle ? Marionson (33m, Germany, U. States)
Mary Marionson (33f, Farmer, Germany, U. States)
Doroth Marionson (8f, Germany, U. States)
J R Marionson (1m, Germany, U. States)
Liam Bloch (24m, Laborer, Germany, U. States)
Abraham Block (33m, Laborer, Germany, U. States)
Therese Bloch (24f, Laborer, Germany, U. States)
Elizab Laudenschlaffer (34f, Laborer, Germany, U. States)
Magdelana Laudenschlaffer (9, Germany, U. States)
Jacob Laudenschlaffer (7m, Germany, U. States)
S. Dalthorff (31m, Laborer, Germany, U. States)
Fredericke Dalthorff (20f, Laborer, Germany, U. States)
Otto Stendall (33m, Farmer, Germany, U. States)
Wilh Whichmann (26m, Farmer, Germany, U. States)
Fritz Whichmann (24m, Farmer, Germany, U. States)
Gertrude Haag (30f, Laborer, Germany, U. States)
J. Deneusrouliss (61m, Laborer, Germany, U. States)
C. Hoffheim (31m, Farmer, Germany, U. States)
Hannah Hoffheim (31f, Farmer, Germany, U. States)
Hy. Hauster [or Hausten] (26m, Farmer, Germany, U. States)
Christ Ritter (19m, Farmer, Germany, U. States)
Carl Hombracht (17m, Farmer, Germany, U. States)
Levy Stern (28m, Farmer, Germany, U. States)

* NOTES: Passengers marked with a star (*) have additional material available online:

Jno Britticher (Jean Biediger)
Jos Bradack (Joseph Brodhag)
Jos Bilhartz (Francois Joseph Bilhartz)
A. Bohl (Antoine Bohl)
Jos Bohl (Francois Joseph Bohl)
Joh Iltis (Jean Ambroise Iltis)
L Laughtuslay (Leger? Lautenschleger)
F. Laurenz (Francois Joseph Lorentz)
D. Lieber (Dominique Lieber)
Jos Meyer (Francois Joseph Meyer)
Jos Meyer (Joseph Etienne Meyer)
A. Ogi (Adolphe Oge)
N. Pingenot (Jean Nicolas Pingenot)
P. F. Pingenot (Pierre Francois Pingenot)
Ant. Schott (Antoine Schott)
Peter Stocklen (Pierre Stoecklen)
Jos Stromeyer (Francois Joseph Strohmeyer)
Ignatz Wantz (Ignace Wantz)
Jos Werner (Jean Baptiste Wernette)
F. Tautsch (Francois Tautsch)
N. Tonder (Nicolas Tondre)

Many of these immigrants came from Alsace and settled in Medina County, Texas
For further information on them see: Immigrant Families from Alsace

Source: This transcription is from...

Microfilm: Quarterly Abstracts of Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New Orleans, LA 1820--1875. (NARA Microfilm Series M272 - 17 Rolls). Roll 2.

For details about this microfilm see: Resources for Finding New Orleans Passenger Lists

For an online New Orleans index see: New Orleans Passenger Lists Index Search, 1820-1945

Every effort was made to accurately transcribe these records. But errors may have been made. You may wish to consult the original sources.

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