The Ship Two Brothers Passenger List

Rotterdam to Philadelphia

15 September 1752

The Ship Two Brothers 1752

List 177 C
At the Court House at Philadelphia.

The Foreigners whose Names are hereunder written, imported in the Ship Two Brothers, Commanded by Thomas Arnot, from Rotterdam but last from Cowes in England, took the Qualifications to the Government in the usual Form.

Georg Eisenmenger Moritz Hene
Friederich Mäyer Diedrich Wilhelm Dischong
Kilian Eisenmenger Jacob (X) Anders
Jacob Müer Johann Wilhelm Ahlbach
Johann Christoph Friedrich Köhler Johannes Gerhart
Christof Arnoldt John Peter (X) Blom, Senior
Johann Martin Kanz J. Christian (XX) Ottigen
Johann Peter (X) Lentz Peter Dils
Nölchen Kremmer Jost Ferschbach
Peter (X) Shock Baulus Böhm
Johan Peter (+) Shock Herbert Schumacher
Leopoldt Valentin Gross Johan Dies (X) Wers
Johannes Henrich Metz Conrad (X) Hanes
Johann Friedrich Beck Johann Theis Hoffman
Georch Michael Eberli Wilhelmus Peter Walles
F. Conrad (X) Eberling Johann Wilhelm Meyer
George Michael (X) Miller Conradh Schneider
Peter (X) Hommer Johann Herber (O) Loer
Paulus (X) Gross Caspar Krämer
Philip (X) Bornn Johannes Antonius Krämer
Willhelm (X) Huner Johannes Wilhelmus
John Peter (X) Rodebagh Adam Beck
Jacob Müller Johan Adam (IAB) Imbotty
Conrad (W) Winegarden Johann Gottfried Krieng
Beteram (+) Beum Johannes Jacob
Paulus (X) Anders Johann Christ Seyler
J. Peter Blom Johannes Jacobus Beyer
Johannes Christianus Liechtenthäller Johannes Krist Eulenber
Johann Christ Meyer Jonas (X) Pool
Anton (X) Sheyed Johann Gerlach Meyer
Johan Donis (X) Starr Johann Görg Spies
Johann Paulus Seehl Jacob Selbach
Johan Steffen Drybler Johan Peter Schmit
Johann Petter Hammer Johann Satt
Johan Christ Albirger Simon Ludwig Himroth
Jacob (+) Oellgarden Johan Herbert Wingart
Johan Henrich Wirth Johannes (++) Lutz
Wendel Frey Johan Dongshen [?]
Hans Henrich Münch Wilhelm Henrich Brandenburger
Thomas Gramlich Johan Thomas Schumacher
Jacob Lips Conrad Welder
Johann Wilhelm Böttger Johan Sielas (XX) Bonn
Gottfried Kappes Johannes Petter Bon
Caspar Lichtenberger Conrad (++) Linenbergh
Johann Jerg Metzger Nickolas (O) Linenbergh
Michael Dieterich Moritz Wilhelm Dils
Joseph (K) Konig Jacob Dils
Georg Michael Gerhart Johann Petter Aller
Johannes (X) Metzem Johan Petter Putterbach
Burckhardt Unangst John Sebastian (S) Onangst
  Johann Willm Welter

101 total passengers

Those listed with an X, + or anything in () signed their names with a mark. Only adult male passengers 16 and above signed the oath of allegiance. To learn how to obtain copies of these lists with the signatures of the adult male passengers see the Pennsylvania German Pioneers Research Guide.

Ralph Beaver Strassburger & William John Hinke (editor); Pennsylvania German Pioneers: A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808. Norristown, Penn., Pennsylvania German Society: 1934; Vol. 1, List 177C.

Note: every effort was made to accurately transcribe these records, but this list may still contain errors -- you should also consult the Pennsylvania German Pioneers book series or microfiche.

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