The Ship Leathley Passenger List

Hamburg to Philadelphia

19 September 1753

The Ship Leathley 1753

List 202C
At the Court House in Philadelphia, Wednesday, the 19th September, 1753.
Present: William Plumsted, Esquire.
The Foreigners whose names are underwritten, Imported in the Ship Leathley, Captain John Lickley, from Hamburgh and last from Cowes in England, did this day take the usual Qualifications. [No.] 53.

Johan Henry (+) Hening Christian ( ) Shlemer
Andreas (++) Foll Johann Philip Fordenbach
Johan Peter (+) Koch Ludewig (X) Shmit
J. Wilhelm (X) Voss J. Henry (+) Hinsey
J. Diterich (X) Sehr Michael Uhl
Christian (+) Shlemer J. Christian (+) Ramberg
Christoff (X) Amelon Henry (X) Shroeder
Johann Gottfriedt Golde Johann Stats (+) Koch
Christophel Schlencker Johannes Christoph Appach
Friedrich Wilhm Schlencker Harm. Alleman
Frantz Henry (++) Shlencker Johans (X) Heneman
Christoffel (X) Termel Johann Nicklaus Klein
J. Christoff (X) Bremer Caspar Ludewig Sievert
H. Henry (+) Cöster Henry (+) Werner
Caspar (K) Hillebrecht J. Henry (+) Probe
Christian Andreas Niestedt Conrad (XX) Shmit
C. Rudolff (+) Rechner Johann Henrich Sievert
Daniel (+) Lange Jan Friedrich Fischer
Johann Ludolff Wehmeyer * Johan Christian Ale[man]
Johann Andreas Meyer J. Cort (X) Holster
Johan Just Muller Friederich (+) Vecher
Henry (+) Busman Valten Wehmeyer *
Henry (X) Neymeyer Georg Casper Höppener
Hans Henry (+) Busman Johann Friedrich Christian Alleman
Andreas (+) Busman Ands. Christoff (Ch) Meinken
Ernst Henri Ställy J. Carsten (X) Thorman

* father (Valten) & son (Johann) from Menger Mountain, Switzerland. Valten's spouse, Mary, died at sea (notes provided by descendants).

Those listed with an X, + or anything in () signed their names with a mark. Only adult male passengers 16 and above signed the oath of allegiance. To learn how to obtain copies of these lists with the signatures of the adult male passengers see the "Pennsylvania German Pioneers Research Guide" listed below.

Ralph Beaver Strassburger & William John Hinke (editor); Pennsylvania German Pioneers: A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808. Norristown, Penn., Pennsylvania German Society: 1934; Vol. 1, List 202C.

Note: every effort was made to accurately transcribe these records, but this list may still contain errors -- you should also consult the Pennsylvania German Pioneers book series or microfiche.

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