The Ship Duke of Wirtenburg (Württemberg) Passenger List

Rotterdam to Philadelphia

20 October 1752

The Ship Duke of Wirtenburg 1752

List 190C
At the Court House at Philadelphia, Friday, the 20th October 1752. Present: Joshua Maddox, Esqr.
The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten, imported in the Ship Duke of Wirtenburg, Daniel Montpelier, Commander, from Rotterdam but last from Cowes, this Day took the usual Qualifications to the Government. No. 143.

Jacob Guth Christian Lutz
Michael Stahr (umlaut on the a) Matheis Bruder
Georg Ziegler Johannis Schwartzwalder (umlaut on the 2nd a)
Jacob Bosch Johannes Wehnig
Johan Michael Guth Balthasar Lotz
Johan Georg Guth Jacob Schaiblen
Samuel Banher Friederich Stohr (umlaut on the o)
Johann Martin Both Friederich Kilgus
Conrath Funckbohner Anthony (O) Katterer
Jacob Bernhardt Schwab Matheas (MD) Zeiger
Johan Adam Schwab Georg Berger
Johann Friederich Gross Johannis Deschler
Michel Meng Johann Ludwig Uber
Christian (X) Zurn (umlaut on the u) Joh. Jacob Fissler
Immanuel Friderich Weckerlin Johann Michael Fissler
Johannis Kleiz Johann Georg Fissler
Matthaus (umlaut on the 2nd a) Kibler Hans Henniger
Tobias Baub Heinrich Schwab
Johann Georg Jayser Christian Adrian
John Jacob ( ) Geyser, on board Hans Jereg Keller
  Hans Jacob Keller
Johanes (X) Blikly Sebastian Wagner
Tobias (++) Mik Johans Fritilauf [?]
Johann Conrad Hesser Jacob (X) Weyn
Friederich Dechan Johan (X) Lockmir
Johann Simon Vogler Michael ( ) Frik, sick on board
Johannes Schwartz Albrecht Walter
Matheus Stahl Marti Haug
Michael Fahnen Johannes (X) Shoutz
Johanes Lemle Christian Koch
Michael Lomle (umlaut on the o) Joseph Lenz
Jacob (X) Wessener Jacob Zeitler
Matheus (O) Lang Johanes (+) Brown
Johannis Miller Johanes (+) Brown, Junior
Michel Bach Johannes Braun
Jacob Bauman Joseph Bontaux
Christian (II) Brown Jacob Mass
Jacob Stiegekhel [?] Friederich Schmeltzle
Andreas Gering Uhllerich Scheermesser
Matheas (X) Brughly Hans Max Kugell [?]
Joel (X) Waltz Martin (X) Lang
Hans Gerg Heitzmann Christian Singer
Jerg Haber Mattheis Kress
Johannis Seitz [?] Friederich Gasser
Michael (X) Hawer Johannes Leip
Johanes (X) Facmeyer Hans Martin (X) Lang
Michael (XX) Gardner Hans Jerg Fritz
Johan Jacob Bauman [?] Andereas Wesener [?]
Johann Georg Ott Friederich Schmidt
Tomas [?] Simon Lauman Jacob (X) Steely
Friderich Mag Jacob (X) Lanck
Michel Hart [?] Jacob Morhardt
Johannes Zinser Jacob (H) Gundner (umlaut on the u)
Michael (M) Lyx Jacob Walter
Johannes (X) Lyx Augustin Stahl
Hans Michael Schatz Johannis Wigold
Johannis Reiblen Matthes Wesner
Hans Marti Raible Christian (X) Hebting
Peter (XX) Haller Jacob (X) Beyerly
Jacob Krauss Jacob (X) Brown
Christian (X) Getz Jacob (X) Brown, Senior
Christian (X) Zigler Mick. (X) Matheas
Johanes (X) Kughler George (X) Haffner
Jacob (X) Shooler Christian Haas
Johanes (X) Hetzel Hans Georg Gottle (umlaut on the o)
Andoni Burell (umlaut on the u) Jacob (O) Bub
Johanes (+) Flait Christian Stahl
Johann Jacob Maser Christoff Fridrich Biller
Gottlieb Zinck Matheas (X) Van
Matheus Maser Hans Jacob ( ) Van, on board
Hans Georg (+) Haak Hans Georg (X) Finkbein

Those listed with an X, + or anything in ( ) signed their names with a mark. Only adult male passengers 16 and above signed the oath of allegiance. To learn how to obtain copies of these lists with the signatures of the adult male passengers see the "Pennsylvania German Pioneers Research Guide" listed below.

Ralph Beaver Strassburger & William John Hinke (editor); Pennsylvania German Pioneers: A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808. Norristown, Penn., Pennsylvania German Society: 1934; Vol. 1, Pages 497-499.

Note: every effort was made to accurately transcribe these records, but this list may still contain errors -- you should also consult the Pennsylvania German Pioneers book series or microfiche.

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