The Ship Brothers Passenger List

Rotterdam to Philadelphia

26 September 1753

The Ship Brothers 1753
List 205C
At the Court House in Philadelphia, 26th September, 1753
Present: Joshua Maddox, Esquire
The Foreigners whose names are Underwritten, Imported in the Ship Brothers, William Muir, Commander, from Rotterdam and last from Cowes in England, this day took the Usual Qualifications. No. 90.

Hans Georg (++) Hop Mattheis Blocher
Peter (XX) Eysenbreit Michael Schittenhelm
Christian Diem Martin (X) Schittenhelm
Hans Jacob Funcklohner Michael (M) Wäsener
Johanes (+) Caarc David Kienle
Johan Casper Koch Anderas Keyser
Hans Gorg Ley Isaac (X) Vendner
Frantz Joseph Poss Paulus Bohler
Jacob Honysen Georg Allbrecht Dill
Johann Simon Jäger Melchior Flinspach
Ludewig (X) Fisher Michael (S) Sitzer
Hans George (X) Baltsonderweg Stäfann Kreidler
Georg Christoph Eberle Eberhart Sallomon
Lorentz Külckret Jacob Mann
Daniel Wunderlich Georg Peter Wilhelm
Melcher Minolt Thomas Hoch
Johannes Rust Friedrich Heinrich Knabe
Johann Ludwig Weltz Johannes Zaberer
Philipp Jacob Sprecher Nickolas (++) Miller
Melchior Rieckher Johanes (XX) Limbach
Johanes (++) Jödder Johannes Herlein
Friederich (X) Mergel Philip Geyer
Christoph Jacob Kärcher Hans George (X) Man
Phipibb Hoffman Jacob Mann
Jacob Hester Bernhardt Schneider
Leonhart (X) Diterich Friderich Lay
Christoph Müller Johannes Weyerbacher
Jacob Müller Matheis Röstlinn
Friedrich Müller J. Andereas (E) Ehrmann
Johann Philipp Flinspach Johann Caspar Marburg
Ludwig Fretz Martin Schneider
Hans Wendel Huober Michael ( ) Snider, on board
Johanes Weisbacher Friderich Limbach
George Frederic Reinhard Friedrich Küntzler
Johann Paul Schott Johannes Steidle
Hans Jerg Marrstaller Hanns Jörg Fischer
Johannes Strohm Johannes Mann
Martin Pfisterer Johann Jacob Müller
Hans George (X) Frauenfelder Hans Wolf Schmetzer
Georg Friederich Andrae Hanns Jerg Mann
Jean Hartmans Adam Schweiger
Vallendien Rhein Jerg Jacob Schramm
  Jacob Schweitzer

Those listed with an X, + or anything in () signed their names with a mark. Only adult male passengers 16 and above signed the oath of allegiance. To learn how to obtain copies of these lists with the signatures of the adult male passengers see the "Pennsylvania German Pioneers Research Guide" listed below.

Ralph Beaver Strassburger & William John Hinke (editor); Pennsylvania German Pioneers: A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808. Norristown, Penn., Pennsylvania German Society: 1934; Vol. 1, Pages 553-555.

Note: every effort was made to accurately transcribe these records, but this list may still contain errors -- you should also consult the Pennsylvania German Pioneers book series or microfiche.

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