The Ship Brothers Passenger List

Rotterdam to Philadelphia

24 August 1750

The Ship Brothers 1750

List 152 C
At the Court House at Philadelphia, Friday, the 24th August, 1750.

Present: Thomas Lawrence, Esquire, Mayor.
The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten, imported in the Ship Brothers, Captn Muir, from Rotterdam & last from Cowes, did this day take & subscribe the usual Oaths. By List 90. 198 Whole Freights. 271 Persons.

Adam (X) Shnyder Johann Peter Seger
Johann Jacob Kimmel Johann Henrich Keller
John Leonard (X) Miller Jacob (X) Gerdner
Adam (X) Weaber Johann Georg Keller
Johann Leonhard Groh Johannes Koch
Erasmus Hess Johannes Ohrle
Johann Adam Körner Johann Jacob Schäffer
Philip (X) Kawtzman Nickolas (V) Rome
Johann Georg Weiss J. Nickolas (H) Holl
Johann Philipp Heist F. Philip (H) Holl
Johannes Blumenschein J. Adam (XX) Wagner
Johann Görg Höring Joh. Jacob Wagener
Christian (O) Shott Engelhart (XX) Wagner
Johann Georg (X) Gans Johann Henrich Gamber
Johan Nickel Gans Georg Michael Gamber
Johann Nicolaus Holm Johann Peter Krämer
Jacob Klein Johan Jacob Bernauer
Johan Georg Scheurberger Jost Jacoby
Johannes (W) Walder Hanns Philip Bender
Joseph (N) Nagel Johann Georg Koop
Abraham Schneider Matheihus Miller
Adam (A) Mensch J. Jacob (+) Treysh
Johann Mattheis Schäffer Johann Adam Franck
Abraham (X) Glass Johan Conrad Schultz
Jacob Friedrich Sohn Mardin Dreisbach
Christian Fried Martin Treich
Georg Marthin Kühn Martin (X) Weaber
Johann Peter Schmuck Johann Georg Müller
Johann George (X) Drear Johann Adam Edelman
Johann Adam Wolfart Johann Peter Laudenschlager
Johannes Friestner Johan Ludwig Rahhzahn
Friederich (O) Miller Otto Daniel Neues
Peter (X) Meyer J. Leonhart (+) Reisch
Hans Marttin Kurfes Hans Yerg Stauch
Hans Petter Muller J. Jacob (+) Reybolt
Benedick Krieger Martin (+) Ulmer
Johann Daniel Hoffman Hans Görg Ganshorn
Johann Heinrich Hauck Johannes Kroll
Johann Georg Zerr G. Adam (H) Bartholt
Johann Philipp Shüer Adam Eberle
Andreas Frey Jan Hendrick Leaseman
Caspar (+) Caarel Johan Peter (+) Fölker
Daniel (+) Cabel George Adam (X) Young
G. Michael (+) Rommigh George Adam (X) Barttel
Hans George (+) Rommigh  

Those listed with an X or + signed their names with a mark. Some signed with the first letter of their surname. Only adult male passengers 16 and above signed the oath of allegiance. To learn how to obtain copies of these lists with the signatures of the adult male passengers see the "Pennsylvania German Pioneers Research Guide" listed below.

Ralph Beaver Strassburger & William John Hinke (editor); Pennsylvania German Pioneers: A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808. Norristown, Penn., Pennsylvania German Society: 1934; Vol. 1, Pages 436-437.

Note: every effort was made to accurately transcribe these records, but this list may still contain errors -- you should also consult the Pennsylvania German Pioneers book series or microfiche.

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