Passengers to Norfolk & Portsmouth, Virginia - 4th Quarter 1823

Compiled by Joe Beine

Norfolk, Virginia Passenger Lists October-December 1823
(Quarter Ending 31 December 1823)
From the State Department Transcripts
This time period is missing from National Archives Microfilm Publication M575

Names of PassengersAgeSexOccupationCountry to which
they belong
Country they
intend to inhabit
Ship or Vessel; name of master
Robt. Purchase40MMerchantBarbadoesUncertainBrig James Barron; Robertson
J.S. Wainwright28MMerchantBarbadoesWest IndiesBrig Commerce; Burns
John Stowe20MMerchantBarbadoesWest IndiesBrig Commerce; Burns
John Boyce47MWheelwrightEngland*- Ship Glide; Pierce
Jane Boyce & 8 Children**45F-England*-Ship Glide; Pierce
Francis Franklin25MCarpenterEnglandUnited StatesShip Glide; Pierce
H. Copeland22MMillerEngland-Ship Glide; Pierce
Ann Copeland20F-England-Ship Glide; Pierce
Jno Lewin30MShoemakerEngland-Ship Glide; Pierce
Ann Lewin & 3 Children30F-England-Ship Glide; Pierce
David McDowell38MMerchantEngland-Ship Glide; Pierce
Jennet McDowell39F-England-Ship Glide; Pierce
Robt. McIntosh20MNavy OfficerEngland-Ship Glide; Pierce
John Wiley28MBakerUnited StatesUnited StatesBrig Hunter; Bisset
A. J. Pemston & Children25MMerchantBermudaUnited StatesBrig Hunter; Bisset
Noah Jewett39MMerchantUnited StatesUnited StatesBrig Samuel; Phelan
Elizabeth Jewett39F-United StatesUnited StatesBrig Samuel; Phelan
Wm. Roberts26MMerchantEnglandUnited StatesBrig Unison; Hufbuck
Edwd. de Schack34M-EnglandUnited StatesBrig Unison; Hufbuck
Richd. J. Jenny27MAtt. at LawEngland-Brig Unison; Hufbuck
Alexr. Freeman22MMarinerUnited StatesUnited StatesSchooner Hero; Martin
J. M. Lucas19MMarinerUnited StatesUnited StatesSchooner Hero; Martin
John Savage50MMarinerUnited StatesUnited StatesSchooner Hero; Martin
E. Dinsley20MMarinerUnited StatesUnited StatesSchooner Hero; Martin
Danl. Tubbs22MMarinerUnited StatesUnited StatesSchooner Hero; Martin
Benj. Brush37MMarinerUnited StatesUnited StatesSchooner Hero; Martin
Jas. Stephenson32MCarpenterEnglandUnited StatesSchooner Dover; Jeffares
G. Purcell19MMidshipmanUnited StatesUnited StatesSchooner Princess Ann; Banks
F. W. Robinson21MMerchantWest IndiesUnited StatesSchooner Regulator; Patterson

*the record says Barbadoes, but the Boyce family has been identified as coming from England
**the children have been identified as: Nancy, John, Elizabeth, Jonathan, Mary, Isaiah, Phebe & Hannah by Boyce descendant, Jim Boyce.

Source: This transcription is from...
Microfilm: State Department Transcripts of Passenger Lists, ca. October 1819-ca. December 1832 (NARA Microfilm Publication T1219; Roll 1)

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(NARA Microfilm Publication M575) includes Norfolk & Portsmouth, Virginia 1820-1857

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