Ship Goethe Passenger List - Bremen to New York 1845

Ship Goethe Passenger List

Bremen to New York - July 1845

This Ship departed from Bremen, Germany and arrived at the port of New York, New York on 7 July 1845
Master: J H Homann; passengers from Bavaria, Braumsberg, Hannover & Prussia

From National Archives Microfilm Roll M237-58 (see further details below)

I, J H Homann, Master of the Ship Goethe of Breman do solemly swear that the annesed list contains to the best of my knowledge and belief a just and true account or report of all the passengers who have taken on bord the said Ship at Bremen or any foreign Port or at sea and brought in the said vesel into any district of the US since her departure from the said Port of Bremen. Sworn this 7 day of July 1845, G Y L Homan

The Passengers...
Name (Age, Nationality, Occupation)

Andrens Arsoiller (21, Baverien, Farmer)
Joseph Diedricks (25, Baverien, Farmer)
Augusta Diedricks (33, Baverien, Farmer)
Catharina Ankenbrand (11, Baverien, Farmer)
Andras Bauer (32, Baverien, Farmer)
C**** *ack (31, Baverien, Farmer) Paper missing
L**** *ack (6, Baverien, Farmer) Paper missing
Michael Hoffmann (26, Baverien, Farmer)
Dorathe Hartmann (57, Baverien, Farmer)
Joespf Hartmann (29, Baverien, Farmer)
Anna Maria Hartmann (26, Baverien, Farmer)
Barbara Hartmann (22, Baverien, Farmer)
Catharina Hartmann (18, Baverien, Farmer)
Barbara Hartmann (2, Baverien, Farmer)
Anna Eckstein (20, Baverien, Farmer)
Margarethe Dintes (25, Baverien, Farmer)
Kilian Krap (24, Baverien, Farmer)
Clara Asrinkann (46, Baverien, Farmer)
Catrina Asrinkann (14, Baverien, Farmer)
Catharina Protzmann (5, Baverien, Farmer)
Georg Wintzel (18, Baverien, Farmer)
Magaretha Wintzel (22, Baverien, Farmer)
Maria Arnhold (23, Baverien, Farmer)
Catharina Noll (19, Baverien, Farmer)
Johann Georg Hauch (26, Baverien, Farmer)
Anna Will (28, Baverien, Farmer)
Phalentin Schepner (42, Baverien, Farmer)
Catharina Schepner (44, Baverien, Farmer)
Johann Schepner (19, Baverien, Farmer)
Eva Schepner (17, Baverien, Farmer)
Palentin Schepner (13, Baverien, Farmer)
Johann Schepner (10, Baverien, Farmer)
Magdalena Schepner (6, Baverien, Farmer)
Catharina Schepner (2, Baverien, Farmer)
Friedrich Schmidt (18, Baverien, Farmer)
Johann Wegner (27, Baverien, Farmer)
Stille Rohs***** (26, Baverien, Farmer)
Johann Marl****** Janhen (22, Baverien, Farmer)
Magdalen Ross (2, Baverien, Farmer)
Anna Emmert (38, Baverien, Farmer)
Anna Maria Werdt (22, Baverien, Farmer)
Georg Henning (30, Baverien, Farmer)
August Hutzelmann (24, Baverien, Farmer)
Johann Martin Bitter (46, Baverien, Farmer)
Elise Lange (27, Baverien, Farmer)
Barbara Wolf (21, Baverien, Farmer)
Valentin Weisel (24, Baverien, Farmer)
Michael Prautoeller (49, Baverien, Farmer)
Anna Magarette Prautoeller (39, Baverien, Farmer)
Valentin Prautoeller (18, Baverien, Farmer)
Wilhelmine Prautoeller (16, Baverien, Farmer)
Ernstine Prautoeller (32, Baverien, Farmer)
Wilhelm Hendt (10, Baverien, Farmer)
Johann Schubert (38, Baverien, Farmer)
Anna Maria Holm (30, Baverien, Farmer)
Johann Vantsch (26, Baverien, Farmer)
Catharina Pfaff (22, Baverien, Farmer)
Catharina Pfaff (2, Baverien, Farmer)
Anna Maria Schmidt (22, Baverien, Farmer)
Barbara Schmidt (18, Baverien, Farmer)
Georg Bocklett (?, Baverien, Farmer)
Johann Sheedin Palster (24 Pausen, gune****)
Johann Heinrich Humbert (27, Hannover, Farmer)
Maria Adelheit Humbert (26, Hannover, Farmer)
Anna Maria Humbert (3, Hannover, Farmer)
Susanna Maria Humbert (22, Hannover, Farmer)
Euvemia Humbert (19, Hannover, Farmer)
Mageretha Brems (21, Hannover, Farmer)
Gerhard Haverland (36, Hannover, Farmer)
Johann Wilhelm Lantel (23, Hannover, Farmer)
Magrethe Sutthoff (24, Hannover, Farmer)
Gert Rubbers (25, Hannover, Farmer)
Eva Magarethe Wibben (21, Hannover, Farmer)
Susanna Adelheit Wibben (23, Hannover, Farmer)
Magaretje Adelheit Wibben (18, Hannover, Farmer)
Hermann Witte (25, Hannover, Farmer)
Rernt Gerhard Darpel (30, Hannover, Farmer)
Heinrich Darpel (21, Hannover, Farmer)
Gerhart Darpel (16, Hannover, Farmer)
Helene Schuring (30, Hannover, Farmer)
Bernhard Wibben (26, Hannover, Farmer)
Johann Hermann Elfes (21, Hannover, Farmer)
Alfert Schutte (31, Hannover, Farmer)
Hermann Klumper (38, Hannover, Farmer)
Magarethe Stilling (30, Hannover, Farmer)
Heinrich Splinler (30, Hannover, Farmer)
Bernhard Klumper (28, Hannover, Farmer)
Hermann Hoppmann (25, Hannover, Farmer)
Anton Klumper (22, Hannover, Farmer)
Bernhard Wilmon (24, Hannover, Farmer)
Caleb Folol (20, Hannover, Farmer)
Gerhard Kettels (21, Hannover, Farmer)
Gerhard Hoppingsnnes (18, Hannover, Farmer)
Jesina Huskin (29, Hannover, Farmer)
Margarethe Windeling (24, Hannover, Farmer)
Gerhard Topper (38, Hannover, Farmer)
Gerhard Beck (38, Hannover, Farmer)
Unreadable (29, Hannover, Farmer)
Heinrich Woltering (30, Hannover, Farmer)
Heinrich Rosenberg (31, Hannover, Farmer)
Jesine Rosenberg (34, Hannover, Farmer)
Marianne Rosenberg (6, Hannover, Farmer)
Bernhard Marnvessel (29, Hannover, Farmer)
Maria Anna Brink (22, Hannover, Farmer)
Johann Hermann Tensmen (22, Hannover, Farmer)
Hermann Bernhard Markes (23, Hannover, Farmer)
Johann Gerhard Elling (20, Hannover, Farmer)
Eva Elise Hamjerolfes (21, Hannover, Farmer)
Anna Adelheit Hamjerolfes (30, Hannover, Farmer)
Johann Bernhard Brinkes (24, Hannover, Farmer)
Johann Diedrich Posche (33, Hannover, Farmer)
Johann Diedrich Posche (68, Hannover, Farmer)
Anna Catharina Posche (52, Hannover, Farmer)
Maria Cristine Posche (23, Hannover, Farmer)
Maria Jesine Posche (20, Hannover, Farmer)
Johann Gerhard Posche (16, Hannover, Farmer)
Hana Maria Posche (12, Hannover, Farmer)
Johann Heinrich Posche (9, Hannover, Farmer)
Engelbert Wiegens (30, Hannover, Farmer)
Elisa Wiegens (20, Hannover, Farmer)
Johann Albert Kremer (25, Hannover, Farmer)
Anna Maria Kremer (20, Hannover, Farmer)
Hermann Bernhard Holker (30, Hannover, Farmer)
Carl Darges (40, Braumsberg, Farmer)
Julius Theodor Schapper (30, Braumsberg, Tink***)
Heinrich Lieberkuhn (30, Braumsberg, Farmer)
Johann Friedrich Wesemann (74, Prussia, Farmer)
Carl Diedrich Wesemann (37, Prussia, Farmer)
Margareteh Elisabeth Wesemann (27, Prussia, Farmer)
Friedrich Wilhelm Wesemann (34, Prussia, Farmer)
Gottlieb Heinrich Wesemann (21, Prussia, Farmer)
Conrad Diedrich Wesemann (15, Prussia, Farmer)
Heinrich Wesemann (8, Prussia, Farmer)
Heinrich Wilhelm Wesemann (1, Prussia, Farmer)
Sophie Wilhelmine Busken (24, Prussia, Farmer)
Conrad Witte (3?, Prussia, Farmer)
Dorotha Witte (31, Prussia, Farmer)
Ernst Witte (8, Prussia, Farmer)
Wilhelmine Witte (4, Prussia, Farmer)
Heinrich Witte (2, Prussia, Farmer)
Conrad Witte (6 months, Prussia, Farmer)
Wilhelmine Bucks (25, Prussia, Farmer)
Friedrich Landre (24, Prussia, Farmer)
Heinrich Koremann (30, Prussia, Farmer)
Luise Koremann (32, Prussia, Farmer)
Luise ****da Koremann (6, Prussia, Farmer)
Friedrich Schmidt (25, Prussia, Farmer)
Anna Margarethe Schmidt (55, Prussia, Farmer)
Conrad Schmidt (25, Prussia, Farmer)
Charlotte Schmidt (21, Prussia, Farmer)
Wilhelmine Schmidt (15, Prussia, Farmer)
Friedrich Struckmann (52, Prussia, Farmer)
Luise Struckmann (48, Prussia, Farmer)
Conrad Struckmann (24, Prussia, Farmer)
Wilhelm Struckmann (20, Prussia, Farmer)
Heinrich Struckmann (13, Prussia, Farmer)
Heinrich Rambke (21, Prussia, Farmer)
Lisette Husigerkamsr (18, Prussia, Farmer)
Friedrich Husigerkamsr (21, Prussia, Farmer)
Christian Fahlbusch (25, Prussia, Farmer)
Heinrich Brockmann (20, Prussia, Farmer)
Christian Franke (34, Prussia, Farmer)
Sophie Franke (34, Prussia, Farmer)
Wilhelmine Franke (4, Prussia, Farmer)
Charlotte Franke (3, Prussia, Farmer)
Wilmine Franke (25, Prussia, Farmer)
Conrad Nurge (37, Prussia, Farmer)
Sophie Nurge (39, Prussia, Farmer)
Friedrich Nurge (12, Prussia, Farmer)
Conrad Nurge (10, Prussia, Farmer)
Wilhelmine Nurge (3, Prussia, Farmer)
Elisabeth Nurge (24, Prussia, Farmer)
Carl Nurge (16, Prussia, Farmer)
Conrad Stellhorn (41, Prussia, Farmer)
Sophie Stellhorn (45, Prussia, Farmer)
Friedrich Stellhorn (19, Prussia, Farmer)
Missing Stellhorn (?, Prussia, Farmer) Paper missing
Conrad Stellhorn (11, Prussia, Farmer)
Charlotte Stellhorn (9, Prussia, Farmer)
Wilhelm Stellhorn (7, Prussia, Farmer)
Wilhelm Brand (24, Prussia, Farmer)
Wilhelm Selings (19, Prussia, Farmer)
Ernst Bredemeyer (46, Prussia, Farmer)
Luise Bredemeyer (42, Prussia, Farmer)
Friedrich Bredemeyer (20, Prussia, Farmer)
Wilhelm Bredemeyer (11, Prussia, Farmer)
Wilhelmine Bredemeier (4, Prussia, Farmer)
Luise Bredemeier (nine mo., Prussia, Farmer)
Heinrich Wilhelm Emme (24, Prussia, Farmer)
Carl Kaufmann (32, Prussia, Farmer)
Sophie Kaufmann (27, Prussia, Farmer)
Friedrich Kaufmann (1 1/2, Prussia, Farmer)
Carl Kaufmann (22, Prussia, Farmer)
Diedrich Kaufmann (20, Prussia, Farmer)
Luise Kaufmann (18, Prussia, Farmer)
Christian Moller (43, Prussia, Farmer)
Christine Moller 38, Prussia, Farmer)
Friedrich Moller (11, Prussia, Farmer)
Louise Moller (8, Prussia, Farmer)
Christian Moller (3, Prussia, Farmer)
Carel Moller (nine mo, Prussia, Farmer)
Phillipp Moller (27, Prussia, Farmer)
Heinrich Moller (27, Prussia, Farmer)
Ernst Moller (23, Prussia, Farmer)
Marie Elise Dahring (32, Baverien, Farmer)
Johann Gerhard Barkling (33, Hannover, Farmer)
Johann Heinrich Witte (21, Hannover, Farmer)
Johann Kamus (18, Hannover, Farmer)
Claus Wilkens (25, Hannover, Farmer)
Elise Rahe (38, Hannover, Farmer)
Georg Casper Hutzelmann (23, Baverien, Farmer)
Hunigunde Hutzelmann (24, Baverien, Farmer)
Friedrich Kaufmann (?, Preusen, Farmer)

Transcribed & Donated by Betty J. Schmidt, November 2003
May not be copied or reproduced without permission | Contact

The passenger list for this ship can be found on National Archives Microfilm Roll M237-58. See: New York Passenger Lists 1820-1897

Like any transcription of old handwritten records this list may contain errors. You should check the microfilmed copy of the original record.

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