Albert Gallatin Passenger List - Liverpool to New York

Arrived 24 November 1866

Transcribed by Joe Beine

Albert Gallatin
This ship sailed from Liverpool to New York
Arrived 24 November 1866
from National Archives Microfilm M237-274; List 1303
Ship's Master: John A. Delano

The Passengers...

Format: name (age, gender, occupation, country to which they belong)

George Hanzel (34, M, Bricklayer, Germany)
Christian Hasche (36, M, Tailor, Germany)
Herman Schiem (31, M, Weaver, Germany)
Bernt Svenson (40, M, Farmer, Germany)
Niels Bayer (39, M, Gardener, Germany)
Niels Jansec (34, M, Farmer, Germany)
Andrew Hanson (25, M, Farmer, Germany)
Barned S. Waythale (23, M, Cab Maker, Prussia)
Carl Kichan (23, M, --, Prussia)
Carl Know? (33, M, Salesman, Prussia)
Nichola Terry (33, M, Blacksmith, France)
Conrad Kerney (22, M, Lock Maker, Germany)
Patrick Spencer (22, M, Bricklayer, Ireland)
Mary Spencer (20, F, --, Ireland)
Heinrich Halgen (35, M, Carpenter, Holland)
Anders Hansen (24, M, Laborer, Sweden,)
Claus Pantryer (30, M, Salesman, Germany)
Herman Heller (22, M, Laborer, Prussia)
Ludwig Feldna (19, M, Shoemaker, Prussia)
Henry Rickhoff (45, M, Laborer, Germany)
Heinrich Haul (24, M, Carpenter, Germany)
Lazar Fried (22, M, Butcher, Germany)
Maria Sibenfield (23, F, Spinster, Germany)
Martin McDonough (22, M, Laborer, Ireland)
Mary McDonough (22, F, --, Ireland)
John Hayes (25, M, Laborer, Ireland)
Christopher Dunn (30, M, Shoemaker, England)
Jane Dunn (30, F, --, England)
Elizabeth Dunn (7, F, --, England)
William Dunn (2, M, --, England)
Mary Dunn (6, F, --, England)
Alice Dunn (3, F, --, England)
Mabel Martin (40, F, Nurse, Irleand)
Thomas Martin (14, M, --, Irleand)
Rose Martin (10, F, --, Irleand)
Judy Martin (9, F, --, Irleand)
Jane Martin (7, F, --, Irleand)
James Martin (6, M, --, Irleand)
Kate Martin (2, F, --, Irleand)
Henry Davis (50, M, Farmer, England)
Judy Davis (20, F, --, England)
Sarah Thompson (30, F, Nurse, Ireland)
Mary Ann Thompson (7, F, --, Ireland)
Alfred Chapman (40, M, Laborer, England)
David Chapman (24, M, Laborer, England)
Francis Bowden (40, M, Seaman, U. States America)
Timothy Harret (21, M, Laborer, Ireland)
Daniel Regan (26, M, Engineer, England)

The 18 German Passengers on this list were missed by the Germans to America series

Source: This transcription is from...

Microfilm: National Archives Microfilm Publication M237:
Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, NY, 1820-1897; Roll 274; List 1303.

Like any transcription of old handwritten records this list may contain errors. You should check the microfilmed copy of the original record.

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